Kontraklang presents SOLOS – Loré Lixenberg & Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson at arkaoda / Sunday, 16.12.2018

Kontraklang closes the 2018 concert year with a change of venue and an unusual solo program for equally unusual soloists. Clarinetist Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson commands all the clarinets, but his heart lies with the bass clarinet. As a member of Ensemble Adapter, he has appeared in numerous international contemporary music festivals. For Kontraklang he will perform pieces by Jesper Pedersen, Alistair Zaldua, Jakob Diehl und Sarah Nemtsov.


The mezzo-soprano Loré Lixenberg sees herself as a vocal artist with no hangups. For her, live performance, composition, and the desire for communication are diverse manifestations of her voice. Lixenberg has performed in spaces from international opera houses and West End Musical Theater to art galleries. At Kontraklang she will perform Frédéric Acquaviva’s piece LPOANRDIOSN, a concerto for town and voice. Inspired by the drama around Brexit, this piece is based on field recordings made in Paris and London, set in dialog with each other. The vocal part avoids speech; instead, Lixenberg picks up on the urban noise of the recordings and combines it with the sounds of the other city. She describes her role in this piece as the “animal made of a city”, “a concrete animal.”

Just opened in January 2018, Arkaoda on Karl-Marx-Platz has advanced in a just few months from an insider spot to a Neukölln treasure. In the Berlin club scene, Arkaoda is no longer to be passed over. That the Neukölln contemporary music concert series and the still fresh live club have come together is only logical.


Jesper Pedersen: Kesselschleicher (2017), for contrabass clarinet, elektronics and videoAlistair Zaldua: Something Is other Than It Is (2014) for bass clarinet
Jakob Diehl: Suada (2009) for bass clarinet
Sarah Nemtsov: Implicated Amplification for bass clarinet, 2 effects pedals, and Loop Station
Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson – Bassklarinette, Kontrabassklarinette
Frédéric Acquaviva: LPOANRDIOSN (2018), Concerto for Town and Voice
Loré Lixenberg – Stimme
Frédéric Acquaviva – Diffusion

KONTRAKLANG presents SOLOS – Loré Lixenberg & Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson

Sunday, 16.12.2018 / 20:00
arkaoda | 16-18 Karl-Marx-Platz | 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

kontraklang.de | Facebook Event

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