Kontraklang w/ Die Ordnung der Dinge and Tomomi Adachi at Heimathafen Neukölln / Saturday, 24.06.2017

On June 24th the Berlin contemporary music series KONTRAKLANG presents a concert dealing with different types of translations. With their program “If You Know What I Mean”, the ensemble DIE ORDNUNG DER DINGE grapples with the transformation of one art form into another, by staging diverse through-composed pieces.

In their program “If You Know What I Mean”, the Swiss/ Berlin-based ensemble DIE ORDNUNG DER DINGE plays with the possibilities of transferring music into other forms and media. How does one experience sound in visual medium, or vice versa? Is this simply a literal translation or something completely new? New pieces in this program by Simon Steen- Andersen, Carolyn Chen, Irene Galindo, Iñigo Giner Miranda, Ana-Maria Rodriguez, and Cathy van Eck have one thing in common: they invite the ensemble and the audience to change their perspectives on “musical” materials and to experience the translation between different types of perception. The ensemble blurs the differences between concert and theater, in which the members perform musical forms according to musical rules.

Berlin-based Japanese musician, instrument builder, and sound artist TOMOMI ADACHI takes a slightly different approach to translation, performing his Japanese translation of Kurt Schwitters Ursonate, as well as seldom heard Japanese sound poetry from the 1960s.Known for his artistic versatility, ADACHI works with his own voice as well as with electronic devices. He is equally at home in the genres of sound poetry, improvised music, and contemporary music. He has composed for classical ensembles and amateur choirs. His works have been performed worldwide, in venues such as the Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, or the Berlin festival Maerzmusik.

Die Ordnung der Dinge + Tomomi Adachi LIVE

24.06.2017 |  20:00
Heimathafen Neukölln | Karl-Marx-Straße 141 | 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

kontraklang.de | heimathafen-neukoelln.de

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