Kontraklang w/ Cathy Milliken & Carol Robinson at Heimathafen Neukölln / Monday, 20.02.2017

The Swedish/Norwegian/Brazilian violin and piano duo Hellqvist/Amaral has received much international attention in recent years for their adventurous take on the classical violin and piano duo. At KONTRAKLANG they present a program with new works by Scandinavian and German composers. All the works deal with the expansion and challenges of the contemporary duo format.

The works written for the duo include (live) electronics, light and performative aspects. The concert is the premiere of Duo Hellqvist/Amaral’s project “Impossible Situations”, an project which out of the intimacy of the chamber music situation creates utopian spaces that expand instrumental, performative, mediatic and scenic boundaries as well as the very role of the participating artists. The role of the artist is challenged and expanded also in the oboe and clarinet duo of Cathy Milliken (Australia/Berlin) and Carol Robinson (USA/France).

Milliken and Robinson are highly regarded interpreters of new music as well as improvising musicians and composers. At the concert they will perform two selfcomposed works as well as a classical piece by Stockhausen recomposed and reimagined by Milliken.


Natasha Barrett: Allure & Hoodwink, für Klavier, Violine und Live-Elektronik
Kaj Duncan David: Some pieces for Violine, keyboard and lights
Johannes Kreidler: Steady Shot, für Klavier, Video und Elektronik
Carola Bauckholt: Doppelbelichtung, für Violine und Elektronik
Øyvind Torvund: Plans for future piano and violin pieces
Heloisa Amaral – Klavier
Karin Hellqvist – Violine
Natasha Barrett – Live-Elektronik
Max Sauer – Klangregie

Carol Robinson: Les si doux redoux, für Bassetthorn und mobile Stereoelektronik
Karlheinz Stockhausen/Cathy Milliken: Spiral remix. Eine rekomponierte Version von Stockhauses Spiral
für Oboe, Elektronik und Kurzwellenempfänger
Cathy Milliken & Carol Robinson: Cross-Currents, für Englischhorn, Bassetthorn und aleatorischen Mix
Cathy Milliken – Oboe
Carol Robinson – Klarinette, Birbyne

Kontraklang presents:  Duo Hellqvist / Amaral | Cathy Milliken & Carol Robinson

Monday, 20 February 2017, 20:00
Heimathafen Neukölln | Karl-Marx-Straße 141 | 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

kontraklang.de | heimathafen-neukoelln.de

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