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Klangteppich. Festival für Musik der iranischen Diaspora at Salon am Moritzplatz / Friday, 22. & Saturday, 23.06.2018

Klangteppich presents contemporary music creations by Berlin-based musicians from Iran in new artistic encounters. Persian instruments are to be discovered in new sound environments, the voice is heard in stories and singing in several languages. The variety of remembered and anticipated sounds unfolds into a magnificent fabric that the musicians and listeners tie together.

In the first festival edition, the tar can be experienced as a solo instrument, as a partner of live visuals and as a companion of cello, clarinet, ney and percussion. Kamancheh and tabla will explore the paths of the silk road, the ornamentation of classical Persian song oscillates in digital sound synthesis, tales in Azerbaijani and Turkish enter into a dialogue with contemporary interpretations of Persian poetry. The rhythms of tonbak and daf will eventually resonate in electronic sound layers.

Klangteppich explores diasporic music practices and their ramifications into various musical genres. The festival unlocks references to music from Iran and opens up a wealth of readings of traditional, popular and contemporary styles. How is musical knowledge being shared in new musical contexts? What similarities have sounds that emerge free of notation? How do mnemonic techniques and modes of shaping sounds meet in real time? With these questions, the audience is invited to sit down on the Klangteppich.

Klangteppich. Festival für Musik der iranischen Diaspora

Friday, 22nd and Saturday, 23rd June 2018 | Doors 17:00 CET | Starts 18:00 CET
Salon am Moritzplatz | Oranienstrasse 58 | 10969 Berlin

mellowtown.de | Event @ Facebook

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