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Never Work: Kikagaku Moyo + Lukas Foehres at Acud / Wednesday, 03.06.2015

KIKAGAKU MOYO (Geometric Patterns in japanese) started in the summer of 2012 in Tokyo attempting to recreate the spirit of the early 70s japanese psychedelic underground. And they have perfected the art of late 60s influenced psychedelia to breathtaking levels.

They enrichen this gentle sound with the use of sitars, percussive drums, theremins, wind instruments and charming female vocals, to the point of sounding powerfully spacious and lazily calm at the same time. And they achieve such levels of invention, to not be labelled traditional revivalists but creators of a modern electric music for the mind and body.


There’s a beautiful simplicity to their music no matter how far-out it may sound. The songs build on a formula of direct yet otherworldly folk/psych vibe to subconsciously evolve into a joyous, haunting, and totally colourful, tribal far-out music.

Lysergic mind-expanding landscapes, ghostly rhythms, clouds of uplifting fuzz, swirling guitar excursions into space, water-stained sitar licks and beautifuly wasted vocals guarantee a floating magic carpet ride to the galaxy. KIKAGAKU MOYO are on their own deserted island, gazing the cosmos, hallucinating the million details of the One and firing them right back at us.


Kikagaku Moyo is supported by Lukas Foehres. Foehres is a Neukoelln based music composer and sound do-it-yourselfer. With his primarily improvisational and jam-based synth-work Lukas Foehres generates a deep and rich sound sphere which is dreamy & trippy, vulnerable and violent at once.

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Never Work: Kikagaku Moyo + Lukas Foehres

Wednesday, 03rd June 2015 | 20:00 CET
Acud Macht Neu! | Veteranenstr. 21 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte

kikagakumoyo | soundcloud.com/l_foehres | acudmachtneu.de | Event @ Facebook

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