Kairo Is Koming at Acud / Friday, 22.01.2016

Kairo Is Koming (KIK) is the collective of the six artists behind the rise of the underground electronic music scene in Cairo of the past four years. When not orbiting along the frontiers of electronic music production, KIK runs Cairo’s first alternative music venue VENT, the first professional music production academy at EPIC 101 studios and alternative music label Kultkairo. As part of their third European club tour, KIK will come to ACUD this January 22nd to host a night full of discussions and music.

At 6pm, you can participate in panel discussions with Bosaina, $$$TAG$$$, Hussein Sherbini & ZULI. They will discuss issues of gender, identity and creativity for Egyptian artists, societal and state barriers for Egypt’s club culture; and Electro Chaabi, quality control in the Egyptian music market and neo-orientalism. At 10pm, the club night starts.

KIK front-woman Bosaina puts dancefloors on fire from Beirut to Berlin. Initially known for her wild performances as singer of Wetrobots <3 Bosaina, her participation at the Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014 allowed her to become a valuable producer and maybe the most prominent artist of the Middle East right now. Besides KIK-gigs at Sysiphos Berlin or SXSW Texas, she was featured at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona this year.

Hussein Sherbini was qualified in Vice’s magazine ‘Thump’ as „something dark and cloudy, like the disjointed echoes of beats and bass bouncing from the walls of a black hole.“ Sherbini, co-founder of the Epic 101 Studios and member of Wetrobots, is a producer and visual artist known for his sound design and abstract screen projections. After his first solo EP „Fairchile“ including a track licensed by the French label Kitsune, he released his first solo album „Electro Chaabi“, as a subtle critique of the ethnocentric Egyptian music scene. Aside from his music, Sherbini is also director of the only school of electronic music production in Cairo creating a new generation of Egyptian producers and visual artists.

His unconventional techno tracks made multifaceted producer Zuli not only popular in the cairo area. He as well gets alot of support by DJs worldwide. For his techno debut „Bionic Ahmed“ he has worked together with PAN hero Lee Gamble. He has collaborated members of the KIK crew in different projects such as Quit Together, Wonderful Morning and Vent.

The dark prince of Cairo’s underground techno, $$$TAG$$$, is the one who makes people dance in the early mornings of KIK showcases. The many parties, afterparties and afterafterparties are marked with his unique understanding of the good club tracks. His latest EP  „Greater Than The Future“ is one of his most personal work.

Behind the stage name of NAA hides the autodidactic producer Nader Ahmed, who is best known for his work with the Cairo’s indie band Living Too Late and the Egyptian post-punk pioneers PanSTARRS. Between 2013 and 2014 he produced PanSTARRS first LP „Yestoday“ and Living Too Late’s debut EP. Within KIK, he is active as a solo artist and member of VENT (the band). Here is an extract of his last live set.

Although Ismael may seem calm by nature, his tracks are explosive on the dancefloor. Recently, he is more between experimental noise, electronica and bass music. You can often find Ismael in collaboration with the Cairo’s label „100COPIES.“

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Kairo Is Koming – Panel discussions and party

Friday, 22nd January 2016
Acud Macht Neu! | Veteranenstr. 21 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte

soundcloud.com/kairoiskoming | soundcloud.com/ventcairo | acudmachtneu.de

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