Picture: Kaan Bulak by Michele Di Dio
Picture: Kaan Bulak by Michele Di Dio

Kaan Bulak & Ensemble at Kammermusiksaal Philharmonie / Wednesday, 14.12.2022

Kaan Bulak & Ensemble perform electroacoustic chamber music with works by Tegnér, Purcell, Trabaci, Lippok and Bulak, including music from his new album ‘Illusions’, and build bridges between improvisation, contemporary electronic sounds and acoustic compositions from different centuries. All musicians enter into a dialogue with their instruments (including the 360° loudspeaker Lynch by Martion Audiosysteme) while blurring distinctions between electronic and acoustic sounds, and creating an organic bond between traditional music phrases and sound art.

The album Illusions is about a journey into the self through the help of art and philosophy, especially zen kōans. “In this album all my sides came together: Composition, improvisation, electronic production, sound art and furthermore painterly synaesthesia, as I was inspired a lot by paintings and visual works. The Lovers was created during the first Corona Lockdown, when the painting by Magritte took on a whole new meaning through the masks.

In the painting there are people making out who are cloaked. They are close and yet they cannot touch. This twisted melancholy becomes audible in a polyphonic Wurlitzer track. The experience of freedom is something frightening, the ground slips away from under your feet and becomes audible in Missing Ground, which also aims at a Zen koan. It’s a powerful experience, like the complete distortion of perception, as in the turning point of the track. The title track Illusions presents illusory rhythm layers and sounds that evolve from the subconsciousness of the prepared grand piano.”

Kaan Bulak & Ensemble

14.12.2022 | Doors 19:00 | Starts 20:00 CET
Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie | Herbert-von-Karajan-Strasse 1 in 10785 Berlin

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Kaan Bulak & Ensemble
Kaan Bulak Klavier und Elektronik
Moritz Ter-Nedden Violine
Sara Ferrández Castro Viola
Stefan Hadjiev Violoncello
Kristina Edin Kontrabass
Kaan Bulak: Impromptu
Alice Tegnér: Tula Hem Och Tula Vall
Henry Purcell: Fantasias
Giovanni Maria Trabaci: Consonanze Stravaganti
Kaan Bulak: Piano Quintet No. 2
Robert Lippok: Whitesuperstructure (Arr. Kaan Bulak)
Kassia: Pelagia
Kaan Bulak: Triptych
Kaan Bulak: Shapes of Patterns
Kaan Bulak: The Lovers
Kaan Bulak: Missing Ground
Kaan Bulak: Illusions
Kaan Bulak: Falling in a Dream
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