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Joke Lanz & Jill Richards, Judy Dunaway, Brandon Seabrook at NK Berlin / Tuesday, 04.11.2014

Jill Richards and Joke Lanz met in Johannesburg at a traditional South African barbecue called braai. While eating some steaks and grilled corn on the cob and talking about rugby and improvisational music, they decided to plan a duo concert where they can melt their physical energies and humorous ideas together. Finally this world premiere will happen at NK Berlin between these two highly creative and intuitive musicians.

Turntablist Joke Lanz creates autonomous sound-cells that melt into a language free of any function. He combines ritual reductionism with anarchistic playfulness, atmospheric soundscapes with cut-up noise and physicalness with unpredictability: Massive scratches, walls of sound, grooves, loops, noises and voice modulations!


Jill Richards is a Johannesburg-based pianist specialising in new music. Versatile and dynamic, her interests range from Bach to free improvisation. Her career includes collaborations with numerous composers from around the world. She has a longstanding working relationship with Kevin Volans who has written many solo works as well as piano duos for her.

These she has performed with the composer as partner. Jill has worked with Jörg Schäffer, François Sarhan, Rudiger Meyer, Clare Loveday, and many others. Her collaboration with Philip Miller has been extensive, touring with of live performances of his music to artist William Kentridge’s films.

[vimeo 18672073 w=620&h=300]

Judy Dunaway performs avant-garde compositions and free improvisations on amplified latex balloons played as musical instruments. She is known internationally as a “virtuoso of the balloon.” She plays a variety of shapes and sizes of balloon instruments, each with it’s own special qualities, pushing the extremes of both pitch range and artistic limits.

Her giant balloon pulsates into the depths of the subaudio, her blown balloon wails in a high soprano and her large rubbed “tenor” balloon gives Jimmy Hendrix’s guitar a run for the money. Her abstract music and sounds are difficult to equate with other forms, depending upon the
perception of the individual like the images seen in fire or clouds.


Sylphid Vitalizers is the debut full-length from New York-based banjo/guitar shredder, Brandon Seabrook. Named “NYC’s Best Guitarist of 2012″ by the Village Voice, his work has been profiled by NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Fret Board Journal, and the UK avant-music magazine, Wire.

Seabrook’s work typically reflects the energy, dissonance, and hardworking ethos of the creative rock underground, without falling victim to the aesthetic constraints of scene or genre. Sylphid Vitalizers is no exception, harnessing hyperreal technique and impeccable articulation to stratify ecstatic cacophony, bridging the realms of extreme rock and the classical avant-garde.

Joke Lanz & Jill Richards, Judy Dunaway, Brandon Seabrook

Tuesday, 04th November 2014 | 21:00 CET
NK Projekt | Elsenstr. 52 | 2.Hinterhaus Etage 2 | 12059 Berlin/Neukölln

suddeninfant.com | jillrichards.com | nkprojekt.de


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