D/B Artist Feature: Jerome Faria + Hugo Olim @ the MADEIRADIG Festival 2009

Great performance at the MADEIRADIG of the two young local artist Jeroma Faria and the visual artist Hugo Olim.

hugo olim was born in madeira island, portugal. he works in the field of visual arts, especially with the medium video and photography.  the aim of his work is to explore the different nature of images and its relationship with sound, time, space, materials and technology. nowadays he is a teatcher in the art and design department in the university of madeira.


Jerome Faria (b. 1983), also known as NNY, his usual recording and performing alias, is a sound and visual artist based in Madeira Island, Portugal. His music is described as “a complex experiment in sound dissection, as Jerome pursues pure forms of sound composition, some being harsh and brute while others are harmonious and contemplating.” As NNY, he has been published under a variety of formats including book, CD, DVD, live performance and installation across Europe, Asia and the United States.