Jeremy Jay & Dolphins at Marie Antoinette / Thursday, 21.09.2017

A legend of the american underground, Jeremy Jay will be releasing his 7th album DEMONS on the new El Segell label. The New album was recorded using a Vox 1960s organ and a Oberheim Drum machine. A majestically doomed album orchestrated by Strings from a scattered synth and voice from another world; this album beckons the netherworld and has a feeling of space and both a sense of distance and closeness at the same time. Jeremy Jay was born in Chula Vista, California. Jeremy has released numerous singles and longplayers on K Records. He currently lives in London, England.

Haven’t heard (or seen) this kind of gothy synth-pop with a “In-your-face-punk” attitude since Future Islands and Drangsal. “Come fill your minds with bubbles and let your heads be carried by the soft psychedelic waves of Dolphins young ocean pop duo from Leipzig. It’ll be cosy, lo-fi, warm and watery… Ambitious sounds of synth and sea, combined with shoegazy escapades , neglecting the possibility of a short song and offering joyful diving lessons into the emotional ocean.”


Thursday, 12.09.2017 | 21:00 CET
Marie Antoinette | Holzmarktstraße 15-18 | 10179 Berlin | | Tickets | Event @ Facebook

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