Photo Credit: Frank Engel
Photo Credit: Frank Engel

jazzexzess Summerspecial w/ Hypnagogia + Ingen Navn Trio + Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek at KAOS / Sunday, 25.6.2023

jazzexzess is excited to present a summerspecial with three incredible bands in a beautiful venue next to the Spree and open-air.

The music of the Ingen Navn Trio is rich in contrast and wanders from beautiful dreamy melodies to wild energetic rhythmic parts and moves in the field of experimental jazz music. Meditative, deep-sounding, flowing, but also energetically moving improvisations are interwoven and integrated into the compositions written by the saxophonist. Nature and ambient noise are a great source of inspiration for the trio and flow into the music as a soundscape and splash of sound. The German/Italian trio met in Arnhem in the Netherlands and now lives in Cologne.

Vikto Marek’s elusive “Sufistep” – somewhere between hip hop, acid, electro and dub – meets Ashraf Sharif Khan’s masterful sitar performance. Pakistani Music Hall Of Fame inductee, Khan, Like his father and grandfather, also belongs to the Poonch Gharana Sitar tradition, combining the highest technical skill with perfection in musical expression. Viktor Marek is an artist renowned for the rhythmic finesse and ability in his real-time collaborations. Marek is co-operator of the Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg. According to the Forbes list, both musicians are among the ten nicest people in the world.

The music by Marie Tjong-Ayong, Joseph Weinberg and Lutz Streun is an encounter between the bass clarinet, known from classical music, the jazz trumpet, and the mbira, a traditional instrument from southern Africa. Together they weave a new musical texture from the lively warmth of the wood and the lyrical radiance of the metal. The trio, consisting of Marie Tjong-Ayong, Joe Weinberg and Lutz Streun (both born in South Africa), draws its inspiration from popular Mbira styles, mystical Maqam tonalities and African jazz, as well as from the club beats and classical chamber music of their vibrant home Berlin. Their compositions lure you into forgotten dreamscapes, to dance and listen deeply.

jazzexzess Summerspecial w/ Hypnagogia + Ingen Navn Trio + Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek

25.6.2023 | Doors 15:00 CET | Starts 22:00 CET
Limited pre sale = 15 | regular pre sale = 20 | box office = 25
KAOS Co Working | Wilhelminenhofstrasse 92 in 12459 Berlin | Event @ Facebook | Tickets

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