Hypernatural Sounds #2: Unheard at SomoS / Monday, 01.02.2016

With Hypernatural performances by a.melodie (plant synth) & Marco Donnarumma (muscle sounds) and panel with Interspecifics Collective (bacteria synth) SomoS presents the second edition of the HYPERNATURAL SERIES: THE PHILOSOPHY OF SOUNDS, “Unheard,” as part of the official “Vorspiel” series of events leading up to the Transmediale Festival.

“Unheard” is a paradoxical event, dealing with the theme of making audible the intangible and imperceptible processes, from organic rivers to data flowing. This is what the hypernatural series discusses: transformations of natural into art, digital into natural. On this occasion we will hear two exciting performances of hypernatural music: a.melodie and Marco Donnarumma, performing different transformations of otherwise unheard phenomena into sounds. French artist a.melodie transforms plants’ electrical response into sounds, while Italian musician and researcher Marco uses self-made instruments to amplify the sounds of his own muscles.

After the performances we will open the floor for a panel discussion moderated by Desiree Förster with: Mélodie, Marco and the Paloma López & Leslie García from the Interspecifics Collective. Paloma and Leslie research transduction tools to feed the electric properties of bacteria into modular synthesizers. The hypernatural series, curated by Pedro Lopes & Desiree Förster, aims at intersecting musicians and theorists into a framework of discussion and sharing with the audience, which includes current scientific and philosophic studies of non-human subjectivities, music & media theory, etc.

Hypernatural Sounds #2: Unheard

Monday, 1 Feb 2016 | 18:00 CET
SomoS | Kottbusser Damm 95 | 10976 Berlin

marcodonnarumma.com | a-melodie.cominterspecifics.cc | somos-arts.org | Event@Facebook


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