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Holzmund #5: Doron Sadja, Marco Donnarumma, Anna Bolena, Dim_Light at Urban Spree / Friday, 27.10.2017

The annual concert series for electroacoustic and electronic music „Holzmund“ refers to live processing and analogue gear, as much as to the physical experience of a club night with electronic dance music. Outstanding performances by Doron Sadja and Marco Donnarumma get complemented by four distinct DJ-sets, particularly a special dub plate Techno set on three turntables by Anna Bolena, alongside Dim_Light from Voidance Records, and Holzmund residents Beb.Welten and eftechr.

Doron Sadja is an artist, composer, and curator whose work explores the perception of sound and light in a spatial framework. His concerts often combine multichannel electronic sounds with stroboscopic smoke, mirror, laser, and projection shows. Besides touring the US and Europe, Sadja co-founded Shinkoyo Records and the West Nile performing arts venue in Brooklyn, has curated various festivals around NYC, and a series of listening sessions at Spectrum, Berlin. For Holzmund #5 he will play a site specific performance with installations.

Marco Donnarumma has a distinct standing in the fields of contemporary performance and media art, making use of emerging technologies like biophysical sensing and physiological computing. He’s the creator of the XTH Sense, an award-winning new musical instrument that captures sound signals from bones, blood, heart and muscles to make music in real time. His most recent piece, “Corpus Nil”, received an Award of Distinction at Prix Ars Electronica 2017. Longtime Holzmund followers will surely appreciate to hear that Donnarumma recently joined the Techno-act Dadub. For Holzmund #5 he will perform his pieces “Ominous” and “Music for Flesh II”.

Anna Bolena has a strong presence in the Berlin Techno scene for so many years now: as a DJ and producer, but also running her own label Idroscalo Dischi, and successfully promoting the Buttons-parties at ://about blank. For Holzmund #5 she will spin 3 turntables, and play her own Techno productions from dub plates: exclusive, ‘one-off’ acetate disc recordings.

This tradition goes back to the first days of techno and DJ culture: Faced with limited access to DJ friendly records, DJs turned to dub plates to be able to play their own productions in the clubs. Expect grave, industrial Techno.

Dim_Light is not only a collector of grim visual aesthetics, and one half of Nemorous Records, but also running his own label Voidance Records, just lately bringing out a stunning first release. At Holzmund #5 you have the chance to enjoy one of his rare DJ sets: fierce, dark and droning, building up to compelling Techno beats.

Longtime Holzmund-resident and promoter Beb.Welten will set the tone with a warm to noisy ambient opening set. The night closes with focus on the dancefloor, mixed by eftechr, the other half of the Holzmund-crew, and Techno producer for Aconito Records, London.

Holzmund #5: Doron Sadja, Marco Donnarumma, Anna Bolena, Dim_Light, eftechr, Beb.Welten

27.10.2017 | Doors 22:00 CET | Starts 22:00 CET
Urban Spree | Revaler Straße 99 | 10245 Berlin

holzmund.de  | Event @ Facebook

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