The Holydrug Couple + Dagger at Schokoladen / Monday, 14.03.2016

The Holydrug Couple have done a lot of growing since their first release with Sacred Bones Records in 2011. The “couple,” consisting of Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra recorded Noctuary in Santiago, Chile.

Their music is like a slow motion 60’s beach party dream that you never want to wake from. It is easy to see how listeners will become entranced by this new, dream-like world that The Holydrug Couple have created. The new album was recorded in Chile, and then mixed in Brooklyn by The Men’s Ben Greenberg. It’s a somewhat new direction for the band, with Serge Gainsbourg’s soundtrack work being an admitted influence.


Dagger is a project that has been finding it self down two paths. One as a duo act and the other way as a solo act. Though the soul is the same at the core, the sounds and approach is different. Still the essence of this project stays the same.

The project was first birthed in Reykjavík, Iceland and then moved it’s base to Berlin, Germany where it has been slowly starting to take form and evolving. This march Dagger will come together as a band to bring you heavy guitars and drums from the abyss.

The Holydrug Couple + Dagger

Monday, 14th March 2016 | 19:00 CET
Schokoladen | Ackerstraße 169 | 10115 Berlin/Mitte |


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