Holotone Showcase w/ Inner8, S13, Dj GRÜN, Sofus Forsberg and more at Kantine am Berghain / Saturday, 30.01.2016

The new Berlin-based label Holotone, conceived by Daniele Antezza who has graced the clubs of Berlin with his solo project Inner8, toured the world as one half of the influential duo Dadub and helped define the sound of contemporary electronic music as cofounder of the Artefacts Mastering Studio. The 30th of January see the live by Inner8, S13, GRÜN, Sofus Forsberg, Ina Ynoki, the Dj set by Linus Gabrielsson and the visual by Cubert.

Holotone draws inspiration from the Holographic principle – an idea in string theory which states that the whole of the universe could be seen as a two-dimensional projection on the cosmological horizon – to explore how the one-dimensional representation of a sound wave gives rise to the full 3D listening experience once the sound leaves the loudspeakers. The label will not limit itself to any particular genre but will rather emphasise the freedom of the artists to express their vision as they see fit – the output will at times be eclectic, often experimental but always guided by impeccable taste.

Inner8 is Daniele Antezza, a multi-faceted thinker and electronic music producer, member of Dadub duo, co-founder of Artefacts Mastering Studio and Undogmatisch label manager, whose regular invocation of the term praxis begins to hint at his creative aims: a primary synthesis of contemplation and action that, in turn, encourages a secondary and entirely unpredictable set of syntheses dependent upon the listener’s unique interpretation.

Based in Lithuania,S13 (Justinas Mikulskis) is a future thinking electronic music producer who develops wide palette of hypnotic sound under the name of S13.


Dedicated to the hermetic element Earth with its relative symbolic number Four, the GRÜN’s album Supervegetale embodies the opening of Dromoscope’s Antidigital Series.  Merging strong electrical impulses with field recordings of tactile noises and acoustic piano parts, the short debut album takes shape as a suite of furious phase-shifting rhythmic rides, chaotic sound environments slightly revealing a natural unstable musicality like momentary regular geometries emerging through the freeform of the living matter.

Alexander Stone aka Alessandro Aresta was born in Jesi (Italy) in 1979; he started to develop interest in music already when he was 5, becoming a noisy finger tapper and beatboxer; to follow there was an adolescence rich in different musical experiences, ranging from being part of a crossover band to djing, both in clubs and festivals before the end of high school; he then moved to Bologna, were he has been living for 10 years and became a local Techno hero, evolving his performances in Live Electronic Shows; moving to Berlin

Holotone Showcase /w Inner8, S13, Dj GRÜN, Sofus Forsberg and more

Saturday, 30th January 2016 | 23:00 CET
Kantine Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

holotone.orgberghain.de | Event @ Facebook


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