Heart of Noise Festival w/ UpPsychic TV, Jenny Hval, Fennesz, Willam Basinski, Monolake, Forest Swords, Ital Tek & more / 02-04.06.2017 in Innsbruck/Austria

The Heart of Noise Festival is searching for aesthetic regions outside of mainstream culture and presents alternative genres and impulses of current musical and cultural evolution. The center of attention of a further conceptually designed festival is on young art and young music culture, media culture and digital art, VJ-art and DJ-culture, in other words the musical and artistic cosmos unfolding around the newest and very latest relevant cultural tendencies.

What’s the matter with your life? Is there any opportunity for the arts beyond serious music and entertainment? Heart of Noise scrambles good, skilled and decent forms of music, emancipates virtuosi, overlooks the right boxes to tick and genre categorization fends; it bangs, cracks, thunders, sings, intones, scratches and pulses. One man’s noise is another man’s pop.

If your music tells a story from your street, it’s political, it’s pop; if it is a reminder that you can go anywhere because there are no borders, it’s political, it’s pop; if it liberates your body it’s political, it’s pop, and if it reminds you of your dreams, with no lies, it’s political, it’s pop.

We also think about the empty spaces left behind and lay carpets of sound over them. Pop is a reminder of what you have been promised and what’s been taken away from you. We give things back, devote ourselves to memory, and follow the blue bird of felicity. Master Issa asks “What is God? A man and a fy in space.”

Heart of Noise Festival | Pop Life / 02-04.06.2017

With UpPsychic TV, Jenny Hval, Fennesz & Arve Henriksen, Willam Basinski, Monolake, Forest Swords, Ital Tek, Maja S.K. Ratkje, Islam Chipsy & EEK, Amnesia Scanner, Peder Mannerfelt & many more.
Various Venues: Treibhaus (Mainvenue) / Hofgarten / Pema Tower / Stadtarchiv / Galerie A4 in Innsbruck

http://www.heartofnoise.at | Event @ Facebook

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