Hauschka at Funkhaus / Tuesday, 04.04.2017

Oscar nominee Hauschka explores space and minimalism in his approach to New Classical and Soundscape.

Entirely based on free improvisation and the exploration of space with sound and rhythm, this unique live project fuses the musical biographies and manifold qualities of its protagonists – without the corset of a pre-defined genre, open for unexpected developments, experiments and spontaneous impulses. Hauschka Kosminen Zeigler celebrated their debut at the festival River to River in New York in 2013, with Feast of Music describing it as “a transporting, ecstatic experience.”

Wooden sticks, pieces of felt, tape strips, table-tennis balls – with great inventiveness and various everyday objects, the pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann alias Hauschka creates an unexpected world of sounds with the piano. He is regarded as one of the most remarkable modern proponents of the prepared piano.

The percussive or rustling sounds, which make one assume the usage of percussions and electronic devices, give the atmospherically dense, rhythm-based compositions of the Düsseldorf-based artist a lyrical quality. Hauschka’s music moves between sound art and experimental, modern classical and chamber music, electronica and pop – with his last solo record “Abandoned City” and his upcoming record on March 31 “What if” even broadening his spectrum to minimal techno and house.



Tuesday, 04 April 2017 | 20:30 CET
Funkhaus | Nalepasstrasse 18 | 10459 Berlin |


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