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Hals über Kopf w/ Eric Wong, Olga Nosova + Alexei Boriosov at Ausland / Wednesday, 17.02.2016

The Hals über Kopf night starts with a lecture and open talk by and with Eric Wong (Hong Kong) and Olga Nosova (Moscow) about their observations of the underground & experimental music scenes of their home towns – how the music reflects the musicians’ identities, and how their societies, histories, and systems influence the music. After the lecture, Alexei Borisov (guitar/voice), Olga Nosova (drums/voice/electronics) and Eric Wong (guitar/electronics) will perform live.

Hong Kong and Moscow don’t seem to be related in any sense, let alone their respective music scenes. The one is a highly commercialized city where the culture is based on montage of things, the other one is located in the center of an oppressive regime. How do the particular cultures affect the music? What are the “non-mainstream” musics from these cities struggling with? Are they working against the systems? Or are they directed against the pop culture, which is also part of the system? These and other questions Nosova and Wong will answer and talk about.

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Eric Wong – Born 1981 in Minneapolis, MN, grew up in Hong Kong, and is a guitarist and computer musician. Although he has taken some lessons at a younger age, he is pretty much an autodidact. After spending years switching between rock and electronic music, his current focus is on free improvisation and sound manipulation. Currently he is based in Berlin. Besides performing solo works, he’s also active in other projects, including rock duo Meta Fog with Sascia Pellegrini, Stoic Strangers with Wilson Tsang, and improvisational guitar/piano duo Se Noh Te with Eunice Martins.

Olga Nosova was born 1986 in Moscow, Russia. She started her musical activities in 2001, playing drums in different local underground prog-rock, punk jazz, free improv and industrial bands: Syncopated Silence, Motherfathers, Brom, Yad, Sobaki Tabaka, Vladimir Epifantsev’ group, Notchnoi Prospekt and more. Since 2009 she is a member of Astma duo (an improvisation project with Alexey Borisov). In 2011 she moved to Germany. Now she lives in Berlin. She continues to collaborate with Russian and international music projects, sound-artists, dance companies, and is touring intensively and performing at different festivals and special events. She sings, plays drums and electronics as well as a wide range of acoustic instruments and sound objects.

Special guest of the event is Alexei Borisov, the veteran of Moscow underground scene. His music activity has started in 1977. He is one of the pioneers of Russian new wave, electronic, industrial scenes, the participant of numerous international projects, collaborations and festivals, as wall as a music journalist, dj and event organizer.

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Hals über Kopf w/ Eric Wong, Olga Nosova + Alexei Boriosov

Wednesday, 17th February 2016 | 20:00 CET
Ausland | Lychener Str. 60 | 10437 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

soundcloud.com/olganosova | ericszehonwong.tumblr.com | ausland-berlin.de


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