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Guido Möbius & Rotaphon @ Ausland Berlin | Thursday, 17.10.2013

As a record release party for his new album Though The Darkness Gather which came out recently on the Berlin label Karaoke Kalk, the loop-innovator and jews harp virtuoso Guido Möbius takes to the stage at Ausland.

Though The Darkness Gather is a remix album of versions from Guido’s 2012 album Spirituals. Joining Guido on stage will be Rotophon who along with Senking, Jason Forrest, Sick Girls, Candie Hank and many others has contributed a mix to the new record.

Always having an eye on the groove, Möbius has a special liking for small parts of polyrhythmic percussion-patterns and constantly changing harmonies. You could call it playing around with hearing expectations or creative restlessness and fear of stagnation. Well,  it´s definitely a highly original idea for popmusic.

Guido Möbius | All Around Me

Previously Guido Möbius has mostly given lyrics a wide berth. On his last album „Gebirge“ Möbius’ strategy to avoid meaning and pathos altogether was the collaboration with Andreas Gogol with his wordless dada-song. And although Gogol’s highly musical stuttering is also present on Spirituals, Möbius now goes the other way on his fourth album: this time he’s allowing himself to indulge in meaning and pathos.

„Spirituals“ unites crooked humour and dark premonition, apotheosis and kitsch. With each track Möbius highlights another aspect of spirituality, be it religious or another kind. Indeed, maybe one does come close to a feeling of transcendence through hypnotic rhythms.

Guido Möbius & Rotophon LIVE
DJ Strobocop

Thursday, 17 October 2012 | 21:00 CET
Ausland | Lychener Str. 60 | 10437 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

karaokekalk.de| ausland-berlin.de | autopilotmusic.com

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