Cavern of Anti-Matter & Nicolas Metall @ Urban Spree Berlin | Saturday, 01.02.2014

Cavern of Anti-Matter is the new project by Stereolab guitarist Tim Gane. Following the release of their album Blood-Drums on Berlin label Grautag last year the band will give a live show at Urban Spree in Berlin this Febuary. Joining COA on stage is Grautag Records label mate Nicolas Metall, all of which goes to make a classic night of post-apocalyptic dytopian krautrock.

Grautag Presents | Cavern of Anti-Matter

Tim Gane was guitarist and Joe Dilworth the original drummer in the groop Stereolab. They formed Cavern of Anti-Matter to record a dystopian future music LP for the Berlin based Grautag label. The LP “blood-drums”was released in a double vinyl format on Grautag in June 2013.

Cavern of Anti-Matter | LIVE @ 8MM Music Night

The band is essentially a power trio, but without any discernible dynamics and the music is mainly electronic and heavily treated. Some idea of the sound may be gleaned from the bands influences which include David Bowie’s “Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family”, Mahogany Brain’s “Bloody Hide And Seek In The Rain” and “Hot Milk Elbow” and the front cover to Heldon 6.

Cavern of Anti-Matter | Blood Drums

The show is sure to please fans of krautrock, instrumental postrock and psychedlic post-fusion. « Blood-Drums » is four sides of pure post-Krautrock music. A trip in smog, pierced by acid sun rays to enjoy landscapes of devastation. Celebration of grey ages in shopping malls centers and motorways. Let’s dance…

nicolas metall

Growing ideas of falling generations is the first record of Nicolas Mallet, guitarist and electronic musician based in Berlin. A perfect project to dance with ghosts, HAL 9000 psychanalising JS Bach in a psychiatric hospital along a Motorway.

Grautag Records

The berlin label Grautag Records, founded by Nicolas Moulin, is focused on creating connections between electronic music, fiction, and urban landscapes. Since 2010, Grautag Records editing LP’s in collaboration with musicians like Pharoah Chromium, Bader Motor, Ravi Shardja, Christian Vialard, Günter Schickert, Nicolas Metall an Cavern of Anti-Matter. From Post-Krautrock to exprimental and industrial sounds, Grautag Records is buiding a collection of „grey“ music, a kind of dark without drama, with no regrets about drunken headness of better days. Ghosts, building ruins for the next generations, and celebrate subrealities in a twilight zone. Welcome.”

Presented by Grautag Records

Saturday, 1 Febuary 2014 | 20:00 CET
Urban Spree | Revaler Str. 99 | 10245 Berlin/Friedrichshain |

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