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GoGo Penguin at Huxleys / Tuesday, 24.11.2023

This November Gonwana Records band GoGo Penguin come to Huxleys in Kreuzberg for a special live concert. Manchester-based leftfield piano trio GoGo Penguin are Chris Illingworth piano, Nick Blacka bass and Rob Turner drums.

Their music has been described as acoustic-electronica but they draw equally on rock, jazz and minimalism, computer game soundtracks and glitchy-electronica to create their unique music.

Emotive, cinematic break-beat trio GoGo Penguin are back, with their brand new album Everything Is Going to Be OK – April 14, 2023. Bursting with the optimism of new beginnings, with a new drummer, a new record label, (Sony Music electronica and neo-classical imprint XXIM Records), and a subtly updated and developed sound, the band are ushering in a more sonically liberated era.

Everything Is Going to Be OK is born from a time of turbulence and loss. During a personally difficult period for the band, including deep personal loss and mourning, the studio offered the band a sanctuary from real life. The resulting project, given such vibrant life here, draws its strength from a shared understanding and empathy. Life has many great aspects to it and despite the lows, we should be mindful and grateful to celebrate the highs at every turn. Through our hardships, together, we will emerge stronger; everything is going to be ok.

GoGo Penguin

Friday, 24th November 2023 | Doors at 19:00 CET
Huxleys Neue Welt | Hasenheide 107 | 10967 Berlin/Kreuzberg

gogopenguin.co.uk | Event @ Facebook | huxleysneuewelt.com

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