D/B Video Artist Feature: Glenn Marshall

Glenn Marshall, film maker, computer artist & soundtrack composer.

Boards of Canada – ‘Corsair’ from the Geogaddi album.

Glenn is one of Ireland’s most distinctive digital artists and accomplished computer animators. He began his professional career pioneering a 2d/3d combined animation technique for ‘The King’s Wake’, one of the biggest budgeted animated films made in Ireland, which went on to win the Celtic Film & TV festival.

From this his personal film career evolved with his first short, ‘Butterfly’, a hypnotic, abstract meditation on life, death and rebirth. It picked up multiple awards from New York to Dublin, was a British Animation Awards Finalist, and featured at the London Film Festival.

He also works alongside one of the most ground breaking music video pioneers in the industry – British rock singer Peter Gabriel. Glenn directed and animated his video ‘The Drop’, featured on Peter’s recently released, career defining DVD compilation ‘Play’.

Other work includes animated idents and promos for the likes of Guinness, Panasonic and Ninja Tune Records, demonstrating Glenn’s eclectic and broad range of mood and styles – beautiful, intricate, semi-abstract, textural and photorealistic.

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