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D/B Video Artist Feature: Glenn Marshall


Glenn Marshall, film maker, computer artist & soundtrack composer.

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Boards of Canada – ‘Corsair’ from the Geogaddi album.

Glenn is one of Ireland’s most distinctive digital artists and accomplished computer animators. He began his professional career pioneering a 2d/3d combined animation technique for ‘The King’s Wake’, one of the biggest budgeted animated films made in Ireland, which went on to win the Celtic Film & TV festival.

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From this his personal film career evolved with his first short, ‘Butterfly’, a hypnotic, abstract meditation on life, death and rebirth. It picked up multiple awards from New York to Dublin, was a British Animation Awards Finalist, and featured at the London Film Festival.

He also works alongside one of the most ground breaking music video pioneers in the industry – British rock singer Peter Gabriel. Glenn directed and animated his video ‘The Drop’, featured on Peter’s recently released, career defining DVD compilation ‘Play’.

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Other work includes animated idents and promos for the likes of Guinness, Panasonic and Ninja Tune Records, demonstrating Glenn’s eclectic and broad range of mood and styles – beautiful, intricate, semi-abstract, textural and photorealistic.

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