Gate of Tehran – Days of Experimental Sounds at silent green Kulturquartier / 14.-16.12.2018

In the past century, Tehran has become a metropolis, a melting pot of 15 million people, the undeniable political, economic and cultural center of today’s Iran. The most important national developments take place here, also in the artistic field, which has experienced an exciting revival in recent years. In the music scene, the alternative current in particular has proved to be the driving force of contemporary artistic creation. Independent artists find new self-confidence and, with curiosity and courage, expand the boundaries of their work. They are aware of their social environment, know the thoughts, hopes and concerns of the people of today’s Iran and involve them in their work. They are interested in the artistic and technical developments of the music scene in the “West”, they try to receive them in their work and at the same time to stay close to their own cultural roots.

While Iran has long been represented on international stages and exhibitions in other cultural areas – especially film and visual arts – the knowledge of Iran’s contemporary music scene outside of the country is limited and little international exchange has taken place. House No. 4 is an independent artist collective in Tehran founded in 2013 by Tehran musician Mehdi “Peter” Pirhosseinlou. In recent years, House No. 4 has developed into an important platform for artists from the alternative and experimental music scene, through which they can network and freely exchange their work. Many joint projects, collaborations and events have emerged from this dynamically growing network.

House No. 4 has organized the multi-day festival “Days of Experimental Sounds (D.O.E.S.)” already four times in Tehran and the number of spectators has grown steadily from time to time. D.O.E.S. showcases performances of different genres: Electronic, Experimental, Alternative, Audio-Visual, Contemporary, Modern and Experimental Jazz. Often, these performances also include elements from other artistic fields, such as performing arts and dance. House No. 4 brings the D.O.E.S. festival to Berlin to introduce Tehran’s contemporary music scene to an international audience and to create an exchange on a professional, artistic and private level.

With Golnar & Mahan, Makan Ashgvari, Barad, Roya Arab, Saba Alizadeh, Pouya Ehsaei, Elemaun, 10or, Azarakhsh Farahani, فضانوردان Fazanavardan, Bon Baz, Behrooz Moosavi, A S H, Ali Mirzaee, Ridership, Behrang Shahinpar, Mahan Nia, and more.

Gate of Tehran – Days of Experimental Sounds

Friday, 14th to Sunday, 16th October 2018 | 20:00 CET
silent green Kulturquartier | Gerichtstraße 35 | 13347 Berlin

silent green Kulturquartier | Event @ Facebook | Tickets @ Eventim

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