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Gamut inc + Nina Rhode, Guido Möbius, Gelbart at Roter Salon / Monday, 19.06.2017

A great triple bill of acts at the Roter Salon this monday with the 3 Gs Gamut inc, Guido Möbius and Gelbart all performing live.

gamut inc was founded 2011 by Marion Wörle and Maciej Sledziecki to explore the interaction of electronic and instrumental music. Their recent projects include for example the machine-music festival WIR SIND DIE ROBOTER in Berlin, the music-theatre piece ONE MORE PIONEER, about the relationship between human and technology, or the international festival AVANT AVANTGARDE, a travel in time to experimental music before the 20th century.

The interdisciplinary ensemble consists of a growing number of autonomous music robots, which are controlled from computer. Our focus lies in sonic textures – for that purpose we developed specialized software to control these machines live. Further on we use different forms of live-generated music scores to enable different degrees of composition and live improvisation between the machines, electronic sounds and “real” musicians, with whom we like to collaborate.

Gelbart’s live shows are a psychedelic exploration of synthesized modulations and space-age-pop inspired melodies, played with hands-on mastery on analog gear and mysterious homemade devices. His shows are as much a celebration of nonsensical musical ideas, as they are a prayer of submission to alien gods of superior intelligence. Gelbart has multiple releases behind him (including splits with Dan Deacon and Frederik Schikowski, and a complete remake of the Beatles first album!) on different labels such as Gagarin Records, LoAF, and his own Defekt Records. Gelbart relocated in 2006 from Tel-Aviv to Berlin, each of his live concerts converting new diehard fans who just can”t wait to see what will happen next. Gelbart is touring Europe in December to celebrate the release of his upcoming 12” record “Preemptive musical offering to satisfy our future masters” on Gagarin Records.

In his live sets Möbius creates delicate links between experimentation, handmade techno, funk, polyrhythmic patterns, acid, weird noises and gospel music. Methodically prepared passages and improvisation combine into a coherent set, and Möbius deals with the energy on the fly. Failures and restarts are constant companions and sources of inspiration. At times, Möbius piles up loops of vocal-, trumpet- or guitar-sounds into a mighty drone whose gravity is interrupted abruptly by a driving beat or a gospel choir. It’s different every time.

Guido Möbius is one of those musicians you can positively recognize by their sound. At that it does’nt matter whatever musical stops Möbius is pulling out or what instruments or stylistics he’s applying. His wit, his sobriety, his wealth of ideas and his very own musical dialect attest his authorship. If Möbius sends one of his tracks on its journey you’ll never know where that journey might end. And it’s enormous fun to follow its musical mutations. The Berlin musician masters the art of subtly slipping us radical sounds and keeping a track in its flow even with the most unexpected twists and turns.

Gamut inc + Nina Rhode, Guido Möbius, Gelbart

Monday, 19th June 2017 | Doors 20:00
Roter Salon / Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | Linienstraße 227 | D-10178 Berlin

www.gelbartcorp.com | guidomoebius.com | gamut-ensemble.de | Event @ Facebook

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