Future Soundscapes Festival at silent green / 22—23.9.2023

silent green’s Future Soundscapes Festival 2023 invites you once again on a journey into the audiovisual future and presents artists at the intersection of music, media art and sound art. With Bruce, Hannan Jones & Shamica Ruddock, Klara Lewis & Nik Colk Void, Oval, Simone Aubert, Sofie Birch, upsammy + Jonathan Castro, Zoë Mc Pherson and Alessandra Leone.

You may have already known Bruce, a name renowned amongst dance music heads with releases on the likes of Hessle Audio, Hemlock and Timedance. But this is Bruce as you’ve never seen him before, ushering in a bold new chapter, facing in the direction of tenderly woven, avant-garde, delicately deconstructed pop tracks. The new project sees Bruce wear his heart on his sleeve. Centring themes of love, lost and found, self-discovery and intimacy, this affective essence to his work is also acutely tangible in his live performance.

Hannan Jones’s (Glasgow/Scotland) research draws parallels of personal and collective histories; navigating this through themes of hybridity through language, rhythm, and psycho-geography. Shamica Ruddock (London/UK) is an artist-researcher often found working between sound, text, and moving image. Ruddock’s research considers Caribbean masquerade and oral folk storytelling practices, Black technopoetics, sound culture, and technosonic production. Fugitivity and refusal are also key departure points.

Sofie Birch is a sound artist and producer known for her extensive work with soft ambient releases, live shows, animation films and art installations. With electronic hardware and field recordings, she creates melodic compositions that are produced with a sense of brightness and spirit encouraging its listeners to dream and dwell. She is engaged in creating compositions for installation works varying from award winning VR-experiences and animation films to multidisciplinary art and science projects.

Future Soundscapes Festival 2023

22—23.9.2023 | Doors 19:00 | Starts 20:00 CET
silent green: Betonhalle & Kuppelhalle | Gerichtstraße 35 in 13347 Berlin-Wedding

22.9. | Bruce (live), Hannan Jones & Shamica Ruddock pres. Re-imagining in conversation (sound performance), upsammy + Jonathan Castro pres. Germ in a Population of Buildings (live A/V), Zoë Mc Pherson + Alessandra Leone pres. Pitch Blender (live A/V)
23.9. | Klara Lewis & Nik Colk Void + Pedro Maia (live A/V), Oval (live A/V), Sofie Birch (live)
silent-green.net | Event @ Facebook | Tickets
A project by silent green Film Feld Forschung gGmbH. The concerts are part of the Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik Berlin
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