Photo Credit: Robin Lang
Photo Credit: Robin Lang

Foundling – Equilibria Album Launch at Acud / Sunday, 26.5.2024

FOUNDLING is an evolution of Erin Lang’s musical projects ‘Erin Lang & The Foundlings’ and ‘Feral & Stray’. These projects have been blessed with the creative input of a collective of incredibly talented visual collaborators and musicians.

Made in Berlin Germany on the top floor of a tall house of recording studios in the east of the city near the Spree River, Foundling’s percussionist Samuel Hall created layers of wooden and found percussion, bells, and glasses along with Peter Hanson’s effected saxophones and flutes, while Dino Karlis’ idiosyncratic drumming and David Georgos’ and Erin Lang’s vintage synths support Lang’s ever soft and soothing vocals.

Touching the exotica of the Les Baxter era, the smooth jazz of SADE and Alice Coltrane’s spiritual psychedelia, ‘Equilibria’ is a swirling wander through sticky exotic nights and hot dreams.

Peter Hanson creates atmospheric drones and deep psychedelic soundscapes in his beguiling solo project. He takes listeners on a journey through otherworldly dimensions in search of cosmic bliss. His music blurs the edges between New Age, Minimalist, and Ambient music – to which he adds a heavy dose of improvisation. Peter plays the Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI), a flute-like synthesizer with a breath sensor.

Foundling – Equilibria Album Launch w/ Peter Hanson

Sunday, 26.5.2024 | Doors: 20:00 / Starts 20:30 CET
ACUD Macht Neu | Veteranenstraße 21 | 10119 Berlin
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Foundling is:
Erin Lang (CA)- voice, harp, guitar,
Samuel Hall (AUS) – Percussion,
Peter Hanson (USA) – Saxophone and Flute,
David Georgos (DE)- Synth and programming,
Dino Karlis (NZ) – Drums
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