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Finest Ego Weekend @ Chez Jacki Berlin | Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th March 2011

As if one two-day extravaganza at Maria wasnt already enough, while the Polyhymnia Festival is supplying the finest in Krautrock in the main room, Maria’s little sister Jacki is featuring a double-dose of the finest beat producers around on the saturday and sunday.

Presented by our friends at HHV in association with Native Instruments, this Finest Ego launch weekend will feature live appearances by acts such as Blue Daisy, Robot Koch, Teebs, Jeremiah Jae and many more. If you need a break from the Prog-drones next door, this might be well worth checking out!

On the 19th & 20th of March the “Finest Ego Weekend” will take place in Berlin, kicking off the new international artist-network called “Finest Ego”, a platform and community for young, innovate producers and music lovers in and around the constantly changing and evolving bass music continuum.

On these two days, some of the most active and prolific international producers as well as unknown young talents from all around Europe will come together on the banks of the River Spree. Whilst, on Saturday afternoon, renowned producers will host workshops and give insight into their music creation process and production-techniques, the programm for the evening will focus on live-music and culminate in a party during both days.

With Robot Koch, fLako, Blue Daisy, Comfort Fit and the two Flying Lotus protégés Teebs and Jeremiah Jae, the “Finest Ego Weekend” will host headliners which represent the future of hiphop in a fascinating unique way. Having developed autonomously from american chart-dominance in the last few years, a new sound has evolved between the US and Europe, which at the same time ties in 30 years of hiphop tradition, whilst also connecting to the abstract structures of electronic music and the depth of clubmusic.

The live- and dj-sets, largely never before seen in Germany, are easily a contender for highlight of the year even for a city like Berlin.

Furthermore, winners of the “Finest Ego Beatmaker Competition”, will showcase their beats, productions and performances for the first time in front of an international audience.

Hosted by Erjee, part of the producer team “Killing Skills” and organizer of the “Drop”-challenges in Amsterdam, the up-and-coming producers will take on the audience and will have the chance to win studio-equipment, like the Native Instruments Maschine, as well as a record deal with Finest Ego Records and Project: Mooncircle.

Finest Ego Weekend w/Robot Koch, Teebs, Jeremiah Jae, Blue Daisy, fLako, Comfort Fit

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th March 2011 | 21:00 CET
Chez Jacki | An der Schillingbrücke| 10243 Berlin

finestego.com| www.hhv.de | www.chezjacki.com

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