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D/B Recommended: Experimontag

Madame Claude / Lübbener Str 19 / Kreuzberg / Every Monday | September 28th / Will Gresson + Brian Mitchellexperimontag

What better way to start the week than with an evening of live experimental music concerts? Under the motto “uncommon music for common people”, Madame Claude’s weekly night Experimontag provides a platform for some of the most interesting sound-art and noise around.

This week Monday September 28th, is no exception with two expat Berlin residents Will Gresson (NZ) and Brian Mitchell (US) providing the sonic saucery.

brian mitchell / brendan dougherty duo

Originally from Kansas, Brian Mitchell studied music in New York before moving to Berlin. Since living in Berlin, he has focused his attention to solo guitar. This focus has lead to two main points of improvisation. One, De-tuning …what can be done with a guitar when you liberate it from conventional tuning, yet invent melodies and harmonies using conventional chord forms. Two, Feedback sculpture…the amplifier as an instrument, how and where one places a guitar in relation to the amp creates a world of sound, sometimes very harsh, others gentle and calming, and all strangely beautiful.


Originally from Aukland, New Zealand, musician Will Gresson practices a form of noise and drone using tape manipulations, prepared instruments, pedals and laptop. Now residing in Berlin, his recent releases include a collaboration with fellow New Zealander Luke Munn, the ‘Saturday, March Fourteenth‘ EP 3″ cdr on Audio Foundation. Experimontag 28th September is Will’s debut performance in Berlin.