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Ellen Fullman and Konrad Sprenger at Villa Elisabeth / Saturday, 07.10.2017

Composer and artist Ellen Fullman began developing her unique performance art piece “The Long String Instrument” in 1981. This large-scale site-specific work consists of 56 over 10 metre-long metallic strings, anchored by a wooden resonator. The performer moves back and forth among the wires with rosin-covered fingers and the instrument produces droney tonalities that cannot be achieved with traditional instruments. The experience of interacting with “The Long String Instrument” has been compared to standing inside of a huge grand piano.


“Fullman’s Long String Instrument creates a sense of majestic vastness, its lines stretching off towards an implied infinity. Listening to it, you feel like you are inside some cyclopean subterranean grotto… its bejewelled walls glistening with an alien lustre.” – Biba Kopf, The Wire

Having felt restrained by the limits of traditional instruments, composer, producer and artist, Konrad Sprenger has spent years developing rhythmic patterns based on algorithms, and customized instrument like his computer-controlled multi-channel electric guitar. “My guitar gives me the possibility to discover almost every aspect of the sound produced by the excitation of the string – as if scientifically under a magnifying glass.” He says. “I can control such parameters as the speed and time, length of the attack, the intensity, the pitch , and the location of each string in space by the use of 6 speakers.”

Ellen Fullman solo and w/ Konrad Sprenger LIVE

Saturday, 7th October 2017| 20:00 CET
Villa Elisabeth | Invalidenstr. 3 | 10115 Berlin/Mitte

Facebook Event | Manuela Benneton | Villa Elisabeth

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