Elektropolis: Swarms at Spreehalle / Saturday, 17.10.2020

The monthly Elektropolis concert series at Spreehalle, the new venue in Schöneweide, features members of the Marc Sinan Company joined by friends and fresh faces. The second edition features the premiere of works by composers Andrea Molino and Oğuz Büyükberber and an improvised piece by vocalist/violinist Iva Bittová – all having issued music over the years via ECM Records – as well as a DJ set by techno producer JakoJako, who released her debut EP in 2019 via Leisure System. All involved artists are responding to the evening’s theme of “Swarms”, exploring the sonic possibilities of the “Transformator”, the 32-channel, 360° sound system developed especially for the venue.

In “Swarm” by Andrea Molino, guitarist Marc Sinan will weave together layers of audio, highlighting the flickering effect coming from sounds that are similar, yet out of step – mimicking the wash of audience applause or the choreography of snowflakes.
“Distal” by Amsterdam-based clarinetist Oğuz Büyükberber takes its name from the study of birds and makes use of the “Conduction” method by Büyükberber’s mentor Butch Morris, a type of structured free improvisation leading the musicians.

In her piece, Czech vocalist Iva Bittová will likewise guide the ensemble members in collective improvisation, inspired by the untethered network of a flock of birds.
JakoJako will concoct a swarm of sound in the form of a DJ set of ambient and noise music. Besides recording and performing her own productions, she is an expert in modular synthesis working at Schneidersladen.

Besides Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir on harp and Daniel Eichholz on percussion, the evening gathers Mirko Borscht, providing multichannel visuals, and sound designer Johannes Scherzer, who will oversee the Transformator.

Because of limited capacity, advance registration is required via info@spreehalle.berlin; tickets may be purchased at the door for 10 euros (or 8 euros for students and others who qualify for a reduction in price). There is no seating; the audience may stand or move about freely, LEAVE AND RE-ENTER. A mouth/nose mask is required for entry.

Elektropolis: Swarms

17.10.2020 | Doors 19:00 CET | Starts 19:30 CET
Spreehalle | Reinbeckstr. 16 | 12459 Berlin


Photo: Iva Bittová by Salim Issa

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