Photo Credit: Jack McKain
Photo Credit: Jack McKain

Eddie Chacon and The Zenmenn at arkaoda / Thursday, 9.11.2023

“Low-key R&B legend” Eddie Chacon’s first album with Stones Throw, Sundown, is out now. Twelve new songs, produced by and written with John Carroll Kirby.

Eddie’s story is by now well known: after achieving stratospheric success as one half of the duo Charles & Eddie, whose hit “Would I Lie To You” topped charts around the world, Chacon took over two decades away from the music industry. Meeting John Carroll Kirby in 2019 inspired his return to music.

Sundown is about “being humbled by how little time we have on this earth.” Eddie said to Crack Magazine: “I was away from music for over 20 years. As you get older, as an artist, youth culture becomes very intimidating. You start to ask yourself, ‘Is there a place here for me? Where do I fit into this?’”

After releasing the 2020 album Pleasure, Joy and Happiness, which was a word-of-mouth hit, Eddie realized he had more left in the tank. Eddie and John recorded Sundown at 64 Sound Studios in Northeast LA. The first half was created in Ibiza, Spain for a few weeks. A fan and his family lent Eddie their “Villa Can Rudayla” after following Eddie’s return, wanting the space to inspire creativity.

“I didn’t want to fight my age. I wanted to make something that you’d have to be my age and have the life experience that I’ve had to make,” Eddie said in a recent interview with The Fader. “But sometimes when you embark on something it’s almost as if you need to give yourself permission… I wanted to do something that was tender and kind. And I also wanted to do something that was counter to the pop industry. I wanted it to be a meditative experience.”

Eddie will be joined by Berlin locals The Zenmenn (Music from Memory) who will perform as his backing band and also play a set of their own music to kick things off.

Eddie Chacon and The Zenmenn

Thursday, 9.11.2023
arkaoda | Karl-Marx-Platz 16 | 12043 Berlin | Tickets

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