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Earth at Lido Berlin / Saturday, 02.08.2014

Earth’s drone-heavy experimentation is largely the result of its one lasting member, guitarist Dylan Carlson.

The band was originally formed in 1990 in Olympia, Washington by Carlson, Slim Moon (who later founded the Kill Rock Stars label), and Greg Babior.


Dylan Carson: “The ongoing musical project which is earth has always been concerned with repetition and the drone or THE NOTE. When I was younger and full of hubris I believed that a “pure” or “original” music could be developed in a static and removed state from other music.

I now realize that music, especially music containing the drone or THE NOTE, and music that effects a spiritual reaction from the listener is a continuum. It is a music that has continued throughout time and manifested itself in a number of different forms or “genres” or”styles”.


I began to see my music as part of and a product of that continuum. I also began to see that continuum strongly expressed in historically ‘american’ forms.

Specifically the “genres” of “country” and “blues”. The truly ‘cosmic american musics’. This specifically ‘american’ style also got me thinking of the history of this continent.


A continent of formerly endless frontiers. I was heavily influenced by the book “Blood Meridian; or the Evening Redness In the West”. A book that explores the real western expansion and real clash of people on this newest continent.

It has been a continent that from the beginning has been alien and hostile yet posessing a bewithcing beauty. ” A land of some other order. Whose geology is not of stone ,but of fear.”

There is an occult history to this continent, one of a continent evil in and of itself, a continent which the inhabitants have had to suffer mightily to carve their various “New Jerusalems” out of. An infernal landscape which requires, from us, a song.”


Saturday, 02nd August 2014 | 19:00
Lido | Cuvrystraße 7 | 10997 Berlin/Kreuzberg

thronesanddominions.com | soundcloud.com/earthseattle | lido-berlin.de



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