D/B Recommended: Drum Eyes, Genus Inkasso, Der Tapeman and many more @ NK Projekt Berlin | Saturday, 07.04.2012

Drum Eyes return to Berlin as part of their latest EU Tour. Lead by experimental, gabba hero DJ Scotch Egg, Drum Eyes are essentially a supergroup comprising ex-Boredoms drummer, E-da, and a smattering of collaborators drawn from the underbelly of Brighton’s experimental music scene including members of The Go Team!, and Sloath.

Drum Eyes is a supergroup featuring DJ Scotch Egg, E-da (ex-Boredoms) and a network of collaborating musicians drawn from Brighton’s experimental underground scene.

Drum Eyes mash sludgy doom riffs with spaced-out psychedelia, tranced-out strings with krautrock synths, dub inflections and twin drum thunder.

Drum Eyes | At Supersonic Festival 2011

Once upon a time when extreme electronic music has long passed ist zenith and ended in pure self-quotation, GENUS INKASSO was born.

His musical influences are (Post)-Industrial, Grindcore, broken beats, the whole catalog of WordSound. Movie-Scores and Library-Music.

Cinematic notions are the principal obsession entangled in the music of Genus Inkasso. A dream needs no concept, because it´ll never become true. He gained live experiences in noise, hardcore and experimental shows, there spooky, gloomy, raw noises rain down like bricks. Every single drop will find his way through your cranium.

Helge Neidhardt aka Der Tapeman has fought the noise war since the late 80s when he played guitar in the noise rock band Knochen-girl. There he also started to use pre-produced tapes as the most effective way to make sound, with Boyd Rice and William S. Burroughs as his main influences.

In the early 90s he started to perform solo, using the name Der Tapeman and wearing a mask for his performances.Der Tapeman is one of the longest running noise acts in Berlin, but still remains an insider tip. He has performed hundreds of times, usually facing an audience that doesn’t want to see the show. Making noise and fooling around with tape recorders is just what he does.

DEAD FADER make heavy electronic bass/noise music, specializing in nasty sounds and nasty distortion. Currently signed to Cloaks label 3BY3, they released their debut album, Corrupt My Examiner, in April 2010 to critical acclaim.

They are one of the few acts to successfully merge dubstep with heavy industrial sounds and make it work on the dancefloor. They never fail to impress when performing live and are possibly the loudest electronic live act ever known!

With five full lenght releases and a bunch of EPs in his bag, Karsten Pflum pays a tribute to the glorious times of IDM, without loosing the focus on the future of the genre. Pflum explores the boundaries of heavy bass driven dubstep, frantic jungle and breakcore.

He combines extreme ambiences with hard complex rhythm programming and treatment. His live shows have been rocking around Europe for a good number of years, and his tunes have been played on a diverse number of radio programs.

DJ DIE SOON/ Dingy Dysu (born Daisuke Imamura, Tokyo) is a Japanese DJ/Producer based in Berlin. Dysu landed in Berlin from London in 2010. Since then he has made his presence known in the electronic music industry with hundreds of Live gigs, support slots for some of the Worldʼs biggest artists and his own brand of Japanese horror and beat heavy music.

Dysu has been working with the artist Infinite Livez and Gold Panda as a band ‘Kiss Akabusi’, producing and engineering countless songs and live shows in the UK and all over Europe. His experimental and improvised sound has led him to perform at the Tribu Festival in Dijon, The Wire Magazine Festival in Porto, and he has shared stages with such luminaries as Kool Keith, DJ Krush, Roots Manuva, Mike Ladd, DJ Vadim and Dj Scotch Egg.

New media artist and ritual drummer, xorzyzt (a.k.a. Brandon Rosenbluth) DJs from the murky depths of the soul, conjuring forth a twisted mystic ceremony of post-industrial footwerk. His shamanic sets can regularly be experienced at PURGE, C3R3MØNY, and #ghashtag as well as Gegen and BL4CK M4G1CK events.


Djs: Dj Die Soon & Xorzyzt

Satuirday, 07 April 2012 | 21:30 CET
NK Projekt | Elsenstr. 52/ 2nd rear building, 2nd floor | 12059 Berlin/Neukölln

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