Down By The River Festival #11 – Everybody knows this is Online / 10.-21.08.2020

The eleventh Down by the River festival did not take place as planned in the garden of ://about blank in May. Since it cannot be foreseen when and how live concerts and festivals can take place again in the future, the annual open-air festival has been moved our to the web: Down by the River Festival #11 – Everybody Knows This Is Online.

The works of their current favourite artists from Berlin, Chemnitz, New York, Stuttgart, The Hague and Oberammergau have been developed in consultation with the festival organizers, but are formally largely free. This results in very diverse works, such as a mini EP with poems set to music, an accordion tutorial, a self-interview (the artist writes: “Identifying itself as a performance, the self-interview presents an analysis of textuality in relation to the mediation of performance both within and beyond the event of action, looking at text as score, document, prediction or testament.”) and a Concert Video shot on several Waters – Seth Faergolzia from Multibird, one of anti-folk’s most fearless singer-songwriters is offering a varied cross section of his dynamic works including gentle acoustic songs, loop paintings which involve painting and live vocal looping simultaneously, band songs played acoustically, and even a couple short skits. This will all be performed in different places all over his region in Upstate New York.

Down By The River Festival #11 – Everybody knows this is Online

10.-21.08.2020 | Doors 19:50 CET | Starts 20:00 CET
worldwideweb | daily | Berlin

Donation tickets are available for 5 €, 10 € and 25 € at and KoKa36. The works are of course free of charge, but by buying a ticket you would support the organizers and the ticket offices. | Event @ Facebook

Picture: DC Schneider by Alexa Sivertsen

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