Picture: Charlotte Brandi by Weertz
Picture: Charlotte Brandi by Weertz

Down by the River Festival #12 at ://about blank / Saturday, 3.6.2023

Down by the River Festival is back! Almost five years after its last live edition, the small but eclectic Berlin indie open air celebrates its comeback on June 3rd in the magical garden of ://about blank near Ostkreuz. On two outdoor stages eight bands and solo artist will create an inspiring tension between pop vibes and experimental madness, guitar and laptop, party and chill. The summer is near, the genre doors are wide open and Berlin‘s musical underground is leading the way. The magic is back, join us in the garden!

There is rousing saxophone/drums trio Brass Riot fusing jazzy eccentricity with club-worthy energy, and ingenious bass/synths/drums trio Halfsilks flourishing smart post punk songwriting with a penchant for girl group harmonies. Mieke Miami and her band cruise on soul-y/psychedelic waves from Brandenburg to “Californio”. Noj serve a platter of punchy noise rock. And while one-man project die schwimmen gets the bedroom disco going, one-woman project bauSTELLE from Weimar dances the electro lambada.

Chillera come from Odesa, Ukraine, and oscillate with their instrumental surf/dub/funk between states of trippy chilling and relaxed grooving. The multifaceted line up is completed by Charlotte Brandi (formerly Me and My Drummer), whose recently released second solo album “An den Alptraum” bewitches with wondrous and sharp-witted art pop chansons.

Down by the River Festival #12

Saturday, 3.6.2023 | Doors 13:00 CET | Starts 14:00 CET
://about blank | Markgrafendamm 24 c in 10245 Berlin

downbytheriver-berlin.de | Event @ Facebook | Tickets

Presented by taz, Jungle World, ByteFM, Digital in Berlin, KAPUT, amSTARt & Fourtrack on Stage
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