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Dopplereffekt at Libertine Club / Friday, 14.04.2017

Following the release of their brand new album “Cellular Automata” on Leisure System, the data scientists Dopplereffekt come to Berlin this April for a live show at Libertine Club which is celebrating its 3rd anniversary on the occasion.


Dopplereffekt is an electronic music act from Detroit which has been active since 1995, and whose main member is Gerald Donald. While the musical style and the act’s image changed radically during a non-release period from 1999 to 2003, two steady characteristics are the display of a thematic affiliation with science and the obvious use of pseudonyms and the hence rumoured but unconfirmed identities of the members.


The main member is producer/artist Gerald Donald, also one half of the band Drexciya (with James Stinson). Another member is To Nhan Le Thi. The group released a compilation album, Gesamtkunstwerk, in 1999, and were inactive until 2003; since then three albums were released.

Dopplereffekt LIVE

Friday, 14th April 2017 | 23:00
Libertine Club | Holzmarktstraße 16 |10179 Berlin

leisuresystem.net | Event @ Facebook

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