Doomsquad & Alex Cameron & Pony @ Monarch Berlin | Thursday, 22.05.2014

Thursday night is thrice as nice when you’ve got shaman beat trailblazers DOOMSQUAD, crooner deluxe Alex Cameron and dream weavers Pony to keep you in good company. That said, they say that three is a party, so who knows where this night is going to go…

Dark new agers DOOMSQUAD (No Pain In Pop, Toronto) re-code the electronic music narrative with a more worldly and cosmological presence than the genre would normally dictate. Their songs are rich in variance and full of vividness, spanning across their entire debut LP Kalaboogie. Drawing in guitar, flute, percussion and synth, the Montreal and Toronto-based siblings Allie, Jaclyn and Trevor Blumas act as aural anthropologists, teaming relics of cross cultural traditions like chanting and repetition over seismic ripples of deep bass. DOOMSQUAD’s mixing of influences leaves you feeling awakened.


Dazed Digital about DOOMSQUAD: “To describe their bewitching, Owen Pallett-endorsed new age, Canadian siblings DOOMSQUAD coined the neogenre “Shaman Beat”. Unsurprisingly, quick listens uncloak an odyssey as twilit and ceremonious as Halloween in Twin Peaks – check their undulating Karen Gwyer remix for an entry point. But on debut LP Kalaboogie (out February 25 on Hand Drawn Dracula/No Pain in Pop), the Montreal/Toronto trio take care to temper surrealism with folky, multicultural undercurrents. Plotting concepts online before midwifing them in person, the group weave the aboriginal music of their North Canadian upbringing into the visionary sounds of Gang Gang Dance, Fever Ray and Gazelle Twin. Subtly entrancing and sulphurous, Kalaboogie stretches out like a volcanic winter, soaring over DoomSquad’s native Canadian wilds and effortlessly outpacing the long shadow of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.”

DOOMSQUAD | Disremember/Dismemberment

We are happy to welcome the awesome Alex Cameron back in town again. He played his first ever gig in Berlin just 1 week ago presented by Digital in Berlin at Acud Club and left the audience bewitched and blown away by his extremly entertaining performance and his wonderful voice. Cameron, who also fronts Sydney based band Seekae, rolls hard and he rolls deep. He writes what he knows, he knows what he lives, and he lives fully completely. Berlin is richer for having Mr Cameron call it home for this all too fleeting period.

Alex Cameron | Happy Ending

Camerons debut solo LP “Jumping The Shark”, released in November 2013, is a collection of tales about sadness and inevitable failure, short stories documenting the bankrupt and morally vacant world of contemporary showbiz – and they’re voiced by a forgotten variety show host, Ken DuPont (Cameron). The album explores issues such as guilt and humiliation in a world where everyone is to blame for an entire industry’s failure – everyone except themselves. Cameron’s solo work is dark and deadpan, stylistically a little bit Bowie and a little bit Byrne, with the bleak suburban musings of Jarvis Cocker and with a Bryan Ferry-/ Nick Cave-ish vibe in his singing.

Alex Cameron | The Comeback (Live at SXSW 2014)

Unfortunately his vinyls were held back by UK customs last time, so we are very much looking forward to having them at the merch booth on the 22nd.

Pony consists of the nicest classically trained virtuoso brainiacs you have ever met. They play dark droney dream pop.

Presented by Shameless/Limitless and Digital in Berlin. Check out our facebook page to win tickets.
Be there early, concerts start at 8:30 pm sharp!


Doomsquad & Alex Cameron & Pony LIVE

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 | 20:00 CET
Monarch | Skalitzer Straße 134 | 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg | | Pony @Soundcloud | |

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