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donaufestival 2016 at Various Locations in Krems / Friday, 29.04. – Saturday, 07.05.2016

In 2016 donaufestival once again presents a programme beyond all genre borders, between new art forms and pop culture, between underground and radical sociopolitical motives, between performance and music.

„donaufestival 2016 is conceived as a manifesto of the abnormal, the other, the post-colonial view of a world of horror. But the statements of our artists are also an expression of hope and utopia, an appeal for a new mode of thought, action, and perception.” (Tomas Zierhofer-Kin, artistic director)


The legendary Omar Souleyman returns to donaufestival with his modern fusion of regional variations of traditional Dabke music. Hatsune Miku is an animated 3D character and the protagonist of “Still Be Here”: an outstanding performance collectively developed by the New York progressive electronic luminary Laurel Halo, the prize-winning choreographer and visual artist Darren Johnston, and the media artists LaTurbo Avedon and Martin Sulzer.

The hip-hop project Gaika revolts against racism, discrimination, and police brutality. Mbongwana Star from Kinshasa presents impelling Afrobeats, percussion savvy, and rough guitar riffs. Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being delivers a homogenous set of cranked up acid synths and brutal bass quakes. R.P. Boo, the foster-father of Chicago footwork, will unleash syncopated beat patterns and minimalist vocal snippets at a relentless velocity.


Fatima Al Qadiri from Kuwait once again weaves contemporary art discourse and social critique into her musical work. Shackleton will present his new project “POWERPLANT” at donaufestival. Arabic harmonies turn so funky with the distorted keyboard sounds of Islam Chipsy & EEK, you’ll be left with a gaping mouth. Kode9, the godfather of dubstep, will present a cross-section from his label “Hyperdub“ in a DJ set.

Mogwai will provide a live soundtrack for the BBC film “Atomic”. The enigmatic images of the New Yorker Oneirogen are forged by demonic, twisted synths impaled by a brutal throbbing pulse. The FM4 “Im Sumpf” radio darling Monk Parker celebrates his Austria premiere. The Texan’s solemn roots-folk will make your skin crawl.


Rashad Becker will present a special project with members of the legendary New Yorker ensemble Alarm Will Sound. Dean Blunt also returns to donaufestival with his new project Babyfather. The commissioned work by the Austrian noise berserker
Manuel Knapp is eagerly awaited. Ex-Whitehouse enfant terrible William Bennett resurfaces with a new release as Cut Hands.

The shrill hip-hop by Le1f targets homo- and transphobia, misogyny and racism, and at the same time sounds sexy and funny. South African artist and label boss Angel-Ho pursues a political agenda with contemporary club music. The aim: breaking hegemonial structures, advocating self-determination, debunking and destroying the remnants of colonial mentality.


The declared mission of Tara Transitory’s music project “One Man Nation” is to destroy borders. Live performances are like acoustic seances that trigger a state of collective trance and out-of-body experiences in which your body and your self begin to dissolve. In her eclectic DJ sets Juliana Huxtable seems to sample pretty much everything that goes bang. From Madonna to Marilyn Manson, Death Grips or Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony – she manages to elicit subversive messages from mainstream tracks and collages them together with her own poetry.

Tim Hecker and Pantha du Prince will present their new albums. STATION ROSE, the Viennese pioneers of digital culture, will perform new audiovisual compositions. At the finish line: techno legend DJ Koze!

For the complete line-up 2016, the timetable and more in-depth information, have a look at the website: donaufestival.at

This event is presented by Digital in Berlin. Check out our Facebook page to win tickets.

donaufestival 2016 at Various Locations in Krems / Friday, 29.04. – Saturday, 07.05.2016

Friday, 29th April – Saturday, 07th May 2016
Various Locations | Krems | Austria


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