DJ Taye and DJ Paypal at Gretchen / Friday, 24.08.2018

A generation younger than the founders of the Teklife crew, DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn, DJ Taye was originally a rapper and beat maker before hooking up with the collective and jumping headfirst into the world of footwork production, dancing and DJing. However, it was Rashad’s untimely passing in 2014 that was the unlikely catalyst for developing the sounds and ideas for this album. He says, “When Rashad passed away I felt inspired to continue evolving the music that I loved so much coming up in this world.

DJ Paypal is presenting his new album Sold Out. Brainfeeder’s first footwork release, it’s clearly Paypal’s opus. Manic, joyful, and confounding, the record flits from heady jazzercise juke, to vertigo-inducing African polyrhythms, to the poignant closing power ballad “Say Goodbye”, a strong contender for this year’s most beautiful footwork track. If this is the sound of Paypal selling out, the world should lavish him in endorsements.”

DJ Taye and DJ Paypal

Friday, 24.08.2018 | Doors 23:30 CET
Gretchen | Obentrautstr. 19-21 | 10963 Berlin | Event @ Facebok/ |

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