Derdiyoklar & Farfara at Acud Macht Neu! / Friday, 27.02.2015

Derdiyoklar formed in the late seventies and began playing their first concerts as a duo in the early eighties, frequenting the Turkish market in their adopted home of Germany to wow passers-by with their Anatolian Folk-Psych sound.

They rose to considerable stature within Germany during the 80s and achieved recognition in Turkey as well, playing innumerable weddings and sünnet celebrations for Turkish immigrants.


Their fragrant, spacious synth sound, combined with electric saz and vocals drenched in delay and reverb touches on that ecstatic moment of drunken delight, leaving you swept away on hypnotic disco grooves.

Having recently enjoyed renewed success on the back of various reissued vinyl releases, Derdiyoklar are now playing a unique show in combination with a contemporary Turkish band with their own close ties to Germany and Berlin in particular.


Farfara are a three-piece originating from Istanbul, who have been playing together since their early teenage years. A host of bedroom recordings, live shows and an unquenchable thirst for improvisation has seen the band develop from their early days of shoegaze and ambient rock to a more psychedelic kraut-driven sound.

Ethereal guitar effects mix with drums, bass and synths to create an all-encompassing, visceral experience. With guitarist and vocalist, Etkin Cekin now based in Berlin and heavily active in the experimental music scene, the band has taken a further step in their evolutionary journey. He’ll be joined by his band mates Tolga Böyük and Eralp Güven on this night of inimitable Anatolian music at ACUD MACHT NEU.

Derdiyoklar & Farfara

Friday, 27th February 2015 | 20:00 CET
Acud Macht Neu! | Veteranenstr. 21 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte | |


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