Den Sorte Skole at Gretchen Berlin / Thursday, 11.09.2014

Den Sorte Skole is a Copenhagen based DJ, producer and composer collective founded by Simon Dokkedal, Martin Fernando Jakobsen og Martin Højland in 2003.

By sampling music from all across the world and genres as diverse as folk, psych rock, early electronic music, reggae, classical and all kinds of field recordings they take the listener on a truly unique journey through musical history and beyond. The sound is original, massive and highly enchanting.


Their live perfomances unfold on turntables and MPD-players with tons of samples flying through the speakers. Opposed to other turntablists scracthing is only used for extra finesse, as the ambition is to mix the thousands of soundbites into a flawless collage of sound, sounding like it was intended to be like this.

The last album Lektion III is a long dark journey through music history and beyond, built from thousands of sampled pieces lifted off more than 250 old vinyl records from 51 different countries on six continents.


Here you will find everything from Moroccan traditional songs, Indian hymns and field recordings of Cameroonian Pygmies to forgotten Yugoslav psych, French avant-garde rock and early German electro.

Den Sorte Skole

Thursday, 11th September 2014 | 22:00 CET
Gretchen | Obentrautstr. 19-21 | 10963 Berlin/Kreuzberg | |


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