Small But Hard Recordings presents Dead Fader, Misty Conditions and Dj Tapes @ Urban Spree Berlin | Friday, 02.05.2014

Small But Hard celebrate their third full length release SCORCHED from sonic terrorist Dead Fader.

Dancefloor destruction from Planet Mu’s Misty Conditions (aka Shitmat), and dub maverick DJ Tapes (Jahtari) . Plus live industrial noise, dub and hip hop from Small But Hard residents.

Dead Fader | Tenblum

Dead Fader’s artistic voice is confident and full of clarity. Borrowing elements from a vast array of genres, producer John Cohen reconstructs reality, the result an exhilarating mix of the familiar and the forbidden.

It is this fusion of elements that is the glue holding together the two offerings, simultaneously complementary and contrasting in style.

Misty Conditions | Dank

Misty Conditions is a project that started off when Henry Collins and Richard Wilson met up in Henry’s studio a couple of years ago and jammed for a few days non-stop, enjoying the process thoroughly.

The music here is quite different from what either of the artists are previously known for. Henry used to record as ‘Shitmat’ making fidgety jungle and Richard has recorded as ‘Burnkane’. The music here initially sounds more simplistic, it’s tempo pulled down to a head nod speed.

Tapes | Dungeness

Tapes is the longstanding project of london based recording artist and cassette DJ Jackson Bailey. Mixing up Dub, library music and all sounds psychedelic, Tapes performs solely off two cassette decks, mixer and delay.

With releases on Jahtari, Astro:dynamics, Meeuw Musak and his own label Selah Wadada, you can expect much more from this ferric fanatic as he continues to push the sonic bias boundaries of cassette music!


Small But Hard Recordings presents Dead Fader, Misty Conditions and Dj Tapes

Friday, 02nd May 2014 | 23:00 CET
Urban Spree | Revaler Str. 99 | 10245 Berlin/Friedrichshain | | |

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