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D/B Artist Featute: Aufgang

The epic tale of Aufgang starts with the new century in the star city of the New World. Rami Khalifé and Francesco Tristano met in the year 2000 in New York where they were both studying the piano at the very prestigious Juilliard School.
[audio:aufgang – sonar.mp3]

Being almost as assiduous in their clubbing than in their studies, the two began a passionate affair with electronic music on the side of their classical training, focussing on House Music, New York being one of its hotspot. They soon began playing together, creating from the start an explosive mix of genres transcending any possible musical bigotry.

Things started shaping-up in 2001 when Aymeric Westrich, a musician (former drummer) from the same school as Rami, went to New York and, guided by his two friends, immersed himself in electronic music. Thus the three boys sealed their union under the auspices of a common attraction for limitless experimentation.

The band was put on the back burner for a time while they each pursued their individual projects. The son of a famous Lebanese composer, Rami played numerous concerts across the world, alongside his father and with other bands, published two classical albums and worked for films and dance. Aymeric, operating on the Hip Hop scene as a producer and a composer, also expressed his talent as a drummer with Cassius in the full swing of the French Touch euphoria.