D/B Artist Feature: Krati

Krati is a great post-rock, intrumental, experimental band from gent/belgium.

Krati are Lander Van Wassenhove (guitar), Pieter-Jan Van den Berge (guitar), Hans Debucquoy (bass guitar), Lieze Van Herzeele (strings), Sarah Vlerick (strings), Florian Delbecque (Drums)



Krati appears among other things on a Belgian compilation: V.A. – Après le Déluge: Belgian postmusic compilation
Featured bands: Krati, The Blanchwood Spacefolk, Eye of Daw, Karoshi, Mount Venus, Musth, P:407, Salvador, Saturn Trip, Sensual Noise and Zeus Walks The Earth. Get yourself familiarised with the sounds of the Belgian underground for the special price of 5 euro. Buy it here!