Photo © Constantin Carstens

David Grubbs, Jan St. Werner, Louis Chude-Sokei and Julia Reidy at KM 28 / Saturday, 24.06.2023

David Grubbs & Jan St. Werner expand their duo with translations from solo to group performance, with Louis Chude-Sokei and Julia Reidy.

In their duo project “Traverse,” David Grubbs (voice, guitar) and Jan St. Werrner (live electronics) connect the basic elements of voice, synthesizer, and guitar. The sounds mutually influence each other and translate almost independently into new tonal languages.

David Grubbs and Jan St. Werner met in the mid-1990s when Grubbs was playing with Gastr del Sol and the Red Krayola and St. Werner in Mouse on Mars and Microstoria. After years of exchanging ideas, they’ve finally begun locking horns as a duo, with live appearances and a full-length album on Blue Chopsticks on the horizon. Steel yourself for a winding corridor of electronic fanfares and spontaneous musical miniatures threatening to grow wings and graduate into song.

Julia Reidy is a Berlin-based guitarist and composer from Sydney. Her 12 string guitar instrumental compositions are the culmination of vivid exploratory and improvisatory processes. Last year Reidy released her Editions Mego debut album ‘Varnish’, the third and final piece in a trio of releases, which also includes ‘brace, brace’ and ‘In Real Life’.


Saturday, 24th June 2024 | Doors 20:00 | Starts 20:30
KM28 | Karl-Marx Str. 28 | 12043 | Berlin-Neukölln | | Facebook |

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