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Cummi Flu, Air Cushion Finish, Daniel Meteo, SpatzHabibi at Urban Spree / Thursday, 16.04.2015

Cummi Flu is the latest persona of ever morphing, multi-media illusionist Oliver Doerell. Originating from Brussels, the analogue-electronic pioneer has been the driving force behind earlier incarnations Dictaphone and SWOD, as well as embodying the Odd Orchestra of Raz Ohara.

Well-versed in downbeat electronics, Cummi Flu sees Doerell explore his acid-laced visions of psychedelic forms and frequencies. The first recordings present a collection of sound collage cut-ups based on home-made instruments with self-tuned rubber bands and bass kalimba at its beating heart.


The resulting tracks are an exploration into otherworldly rhythms with the rise and fall of a swollen tide. Cummi Flu produces a hard to place sound, while at the same time preying on ancient feelings of estrangement, sanctuary and self-exploration.

Two musicians making a dreamlike flow of musical and lyrical ideas, and dreamlike is the right word: there are preconceived islands, and the music drifts in freeform manner among them. Beautiful, involving and truly uncanny.


The Anglo-German DJ-Team SpatzHabibi spent years working together in a ramshackle bar in Kreuzberg before deciding that their record collection could offer Berlin something hitherto unheard. They DJ an utterly diverse range of music, from upbeat Arabiana to psych meltdowns and Asian filmscores, including just about everything in between.

Jack of all Trades, Daniel Meteo splits his time up between many artistic activities. Along with Tom Thiel, he’s one-half of the dub / hip-hop electronica duo Bus.  He also runs alongside Marco  Haas (aka T.Raumschmiere) and Florian Schmieg Random Noize Musick incl. labels as Shitkatapult. On top of all this, Daniel frequently plays DJ sets in which he spins a variety of music. This can include everything from abstract elecronic or mellow reggae, roots and hip-hop early in the night to dancy techno and house music at the end of the night.

Cummi Flu, Air Cushion Finish, Daniel Meteo, SpatzHabibi

Thursday, 16th April 2015 | 21:00 CET
Urban Spree | Revaler Str. 99 | 10245 Berlin/Friedrichshain

polychromesounds.com/cummi-flu | albumlabel.com | aircushionfinish.com | urbanspree.com


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