CTM x Ableton – Mykki Blanco pres. C-ore, Money Mark, Aïsha Devi, Low Jack, DJ Nigga Fox, Sarah Farina at Prince Charles / Saturday, 31.10.2015

On the occasion of Loop – A Summit for Music Makers, which takes place 30 October – 1 November 2015 in Berlin, Ableton and CTM are extending their long-standing partnership and teaming up for a concurrently running CTM x Ableton concert series. The second of three nights journeys through a venn diagram of electronic club sounds, leftfield hiphop, and eclectic global club beats.

Most noted for his collaborations with the Beastie Boys, Mark Ramos-Hishita aka Money Mark has been active a solo musician since his debut Keyboard Repair album in 1995. Signing to Jack Johnson’s Brushrie Records label in 2006 and most recently composing the score to the feature documentary Beautiful Losers, Mark arrives in Berlin to participate in Ableton’s Loop Summit for Music Makers, making a special night-time detour to deliver a playfully eclectic DJ set for this night.


Laying her Kate Wax moniker to rest after releases on Trevor Jackson’s Output and James Holden’s Border Community, the enigmatic Aïsha Devi set out on a new adventure with Danse Noire, her own sanctuary-label in 2013. She dropped her Aura 4 Everyone EP via the label, followed by the 12″ Hakken Dub/Throat Dub in Summer 2014 alongside EPs from boundary blurring artists Vaghe Stelle and El Mahdy Jr. Danse Noire is dedicated to exploring abstracted techno/club structures, and Devi’s own music combines her Tibetan and Nepalese heritage, using her machines to transmute deep meditation. Devi will be presenting her newly released Of Matter And Spirit full length (Houndstooth, 2015) live.

From his home in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, 28-year-old Philippe Hallais has made a name for himself internationally as Low Jack. Hallais’s “house music from hell” fuses sexy grooves with industrial metallicism and revels in its forays into and narrow escapes from tenacious, beatless wormholes. Never afraid to trust his instincts, Low Jack creates material that hits the sweet spot between rebellious experimentation and open-minded dancefloor generosity. After the success of a series of club-oriented EPs on GTC Music, Delsin, and In Paradisum, Low Jack released the Garifuna Variations LP on L.I.E.S. in early 2015, emphasizing the secret link between tribal sounds and industrial music.


25-year old Michael David Quattlebaum created his Mykki Blanco persona one summer day when he stepped out into the streets of New York in head-to-toe drag for the first time ever. Having already performed as the hypermasculine industrial rocker No Fear, Quattlebaum found a whole new range to his artistic output with Mykki Blanco – fuelling her persona with lyrics from his recently published collection of poems titled From the Silence of Duchamp. Her penchant for the theatrical, as evidenced in his live appearances as well as his music videos, stems from his background as a student in performance art, and is complemented by lyrics that reveal a wandering, rebel soul that is used to living on the fringe. Blanco’s performance will be supported by a DJ and crew of vocalists.

As DJ Nigga Fox, Lisbon’s Rogério Brandão has, in the last several years, produced a one-of-a-kind collection of bangers that have the absorption of multifarious influences such as kuduro, afro-house, Angolan deep, tarraxinha, batida to thank. Still in his early twenties, Brandão has released two 12″s for the Príncipe label: O Meo Estilo (2013) and Noite E Dia (March 2015) and has been earmarked by Boomkat as “pushing the most exciting dance sound in the world right now.”


Closing the night will be Sarah Farina, who came up as a DJ in the midst of an incipient breakbeat and future bass insurgency in Berlin. Farina’s multi-chromatic, guerilla DJ sets, mixing jungle, juke, hip hop, and UK garage and funky, are driven by futuristic breakbeats and formidable basslines and have been broadcast via Red Bull Music Academy Radio Berlin, Groove Magazine, and Boiler Room Berlin.

Over the past several years, she has supported Hyperdub label head Kode9 with Cooly G and played alongside established artists such as Lunice, DJ Rashad, Scratcha DVA, Disclosure and drum and bass producer Darren White aka D:Bridge at the decennial anniversary of Exit Records alongside OM Unit and SP:MC.

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CTM x Ableton – Mykki Blanco pres. C-ore, Money Mark, Aïsha Devi, Low Jack, DJ Nigga Fox, Sarah Farina

Saturday, 31 October 2015 | 23:00 CET
Prince Charles | Prinzenstraße 85F | 10969 Berlin/Kreuzberg

ctm-festival.de | princecharlesberlin.com


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