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D/B Label Feature: Crónica

CRÓNICA is a media-label based in Porto, Portugal, Europe. The CRÓNICA media-label project has its roots in an online and strictly digital operation known as CRONICAELECTRONICA.ORG whose url constitutes CRÓNICA avatar and digital base in the electronic nightscape.


In the first day of January of the year 2003, CRONICAELECTRONICA.ORG, till then a bit based project, morphed to a media-label configuration and expanded its activities to the field of residual arts and physical cultural artifacts, meaning: atoms, objects, commodities, value, etc.

Vitor Joaquim + Hugo Olim live @ CoCart Festival

With a strong emphasis towards electronic and experimental music and its intertwining with all forms of time-based audiovisual media, CRÓNICA embraces the digital domain and its explorers, as the perfect context for the flowing of data and for processes that enable the maximization of a full intermedia experience.

Stephan Mathieu + Taylor Deupree – Largo


The Crónica Artists:
@c, Autodigest, Boca Raton, Cáncer, Cem Güney, Davor Mikan, Durán Vázquez, Freiband, Gigantiq, Gilles Aubry, Gintas K, Heimir Björgúlfsson, Helgi Thorsson, James Eck Rippie, Janek Schaefer, Jonas Ohlsson, Lawrence English, Lia, Longina, Marc Behrens, Marius Watz, Mathias Delplanque, Miguel Flor, Miguel Leal, Morten Riis, Mosaique, o.blaat, Ok.Suitcase, paL, Paulo Raposo, Pawel Grabowski, Pedro Tudela, Pimmon, Piotr Kurek, Pure, Ran Slavin, Return, Stephan Mathieu, Stefan Nussbaumer,Sumugan Sivanesan, tilia, The Beautiful Schizophonic,TU M’, UBERMORGEN.COM, Vitor Joaquim

Ran Slavin: cit-ossilo