Cranky Fest 5 w/ Kid Wave + Any Pretty + Mother of the Unicorn + Hush Moss at Kantine am Berghain / Friday, 17.07.2015

Cranky Booking brings Cranky Fest to Kantine am Berghain for the fifth edition in three years and provides the usual mix of excellent Berlin-based indie bands who are joined this year by some guests from London and Tel-Aviv.

Giving a voice to local Berlin bands Cranky Booking has been active a few years in the underground of Berlin’s independent scene and steps up their Cranky Fest to a bigger stage and where more suitable than Berghain Kantine. It promises to be a wonderful summer evening of great music and afterwards of course the night goes on with the now legendary What Difference Does It Make DJ Team catering for all your dancing needs.


Kid Wave craft slacker indie rock and transcendental dream-laden pop of a distinctly early 90s bent – music to lose yourself in and give your life to. The international two girl/two boy quartet’s debut album Wonderlust is a crafted set of pop songs that bathe in the golden, restorative rays more commonly associated with life on the Californian coast rather than London, where Kid Wave reside.

This is music that’s delivered with an uplifting sense of youthful wild abandon and imbued throughout with blissful surges of musical serotonin but with clear undercurrents of a wistful sense of melancholy too. Occasionally dark clouds obscure their sonic sunshine and there’s a nagging sense that no summer lasts forever.

Any Pretty uses an agitated, stripped down, synth-rock-pop framework to foreground the distinct percussive vocal stylings of its double-barrelled male/female lead.

Playing shows rarely but spectacularly, these adopted Berliners impressed at the Cranky Booking Valentine’s night show so it’ll be great having them back for this one.


Mother of the Unicorn is an alternative indie band based in Berlin. Having started out in London as an outlet for singer Joe Kelly’s production work the group developed into a band in Berlin out of the desire to perform live.

Having released several EP’s online the group is due to release their debut album soon. Their live show is a mixture of melancholic vocal melodies, echoey guitars, choppy beats, and fuzzy keyboards.

Hush Moss is the new pop-child of Eden Hush Moss Leshem, creator of Peach Peach who existed briefly and brilliantly playing at a Cranky Night last November before relocating to Tel-Aviv.

Hush Moss will release their debut single at the end of June, stay tuned for upcoming tracks, they’ll have you dancing in seconds, literally.

Cranky Fest 5 w/ Kid Wave + Any Pretty + Mother of the Unicorn + Hush Moss

Friday, 17 July 2015 | 19:00 CET
Kantine am Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain | | |

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