Concepts of Doing at studioboerne45 Berlin / Friday 22.08. – Sunday 24.08.2014

The successful 2012 and 2013 editions of concepts of doing – Festival of Contemporary Music focused intensively on the creative proximity between improvisation and composition.

The 2014 edition of the festival focuses on the themes percussion, voice and electronics. The other novelty is the venue for concepts of doing. For the 12th edition of the festival, improvisers, artists and composer-performers from Germany, France, England and Austria have been invited to studioboerne45.

The adventurous French soprano Geraldine Keller and the internationally renowned countertenor Daniel Gloger will perform “classics” of the 1970s and more recent works from the 2000s. Their program includes works by Cage, Scelsi, Mâche and Hespos, and respectively Ronchetti, Lang, Kopp and Newski.


The three vocal artists and composer-performers Elke Schipper, Ute Wassermann and Isabelle Duthoit pursue their very own paths and concepts. In her work, Elke Schipper illuminates the structure and content of language and its dynamization. The formation of a hybrid vocal instrument, partially masked by resonating objects, is the fascinating field of research of performer Ute Wassermann. Isabelle Duthoit pursues the sound as gesture, the total eruption of the voice, inspired by influences of Nô Theater.

On the same evening, Natsuki Tamura, a Japanese trumpet player living in Berlin, will make the expression of Nô perceivable in completely new spaces, aided by the Modular System of Berlin-based electronics specialist Thomas Rehnert.

Percussionist Adam Weismann has performed with Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Modern and the Scharoun Ensemble.


For concepts of doing, Weismann has selected compositions using purely acoustic means of sound production to approach the borderline of electronic music (Pierreluigi Billone) or using electronics directly within the structure and sound production via computer (Cort Lippe).

These compositions bear many parallels with the style of percussionist Roger Turner, one of the outstanding protagonists of free improvisation.

[vimeo 28208999 w=620&h=300]

Turner will open the second evening, performing as part of a trio with Isabelle Duthoit and festival organizer Alexander Frangenheim (double bass). Another composition selected by Adam Weismann, Le corps à corps by Georges Aperghis, relates to several of the abovementioned vocal works in its use of the human voice.

At the same time, the piece forms a link to Ray Kaczynski’s playing and his percussion duo with Michael Griener. The joint performance by Kaczynski and Griener marks the first duo collaboration of two of Berlin’s most notable jazz drummers.

Sebastian Berweck and Martin Lorenz are two of the most important protagonists on Berlin’s New Music and electronic music scene. For the festival they have created a new version of the electronic classic Paraboles-Mix by Henri Pousseur.

[vimeo 69411088 w=620&h=300]

Today’s computer software updates this work from 1972 in aesthetic terms too, in keeping with the compositional-improvisational style of Schmickler/Lehn. This uncompromising duo of two super-electronic musicians performs for the first time in Berlin at concepts of doing, and is sure to be one of the audience magnets.

Ignaz Schick, one of the long-time driving forces of Berlin’s Echtzeitmusik scene, offers a contrasting program, realizing his electro-acoustic sounds like an artisan, with a turntable and various objects.

The duo “Activity Center” by Burkhard Beins and Michael Renkel produces improvised sound art, using only everyday objects and instrument relicts.

The finale and further highlight of the festival features two outstanding soloists of the international improvisation scene: Philipp Wachsmann (violin) and Pat Thomas (piano). The two British musicians combine virtuoso treatment of their instruments with the use of electronics and computer – an ingenious balance that hits the spot.

concepts of doing – Festival of Contemporary Music

Friday, 22 – Sunday, 24 August 2014 | 19:30 CET
studioboerne45 | Börnestr. 45 | 13086 Berlin/ Weißensee | facebook

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